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The Concept of Transformational Immersion

The past several years I’ve been to multiple ‘immersion’ experiences.

I LOVE ’em!

From Bali to Costa Rica to Chiang Mai to an ashram in the Philippines plus
all kinds of U.S. business coaching.

Workshops and events are great but x4 immersion = the SWEET SPOT!

I’m always on the lookout for a relevant transformational immersion experience.

Tomorrow I’m starting a high-level virtual immersion retreat with the top soul-
branding coach that will help me get clarity on re-shaping the business
from where it’s at to something else.

Then, I’m going to a few more workshops with Etienne.

   So what’s it all mean for you?

Well…the attraction side of s.ex energy (here) will most likely remain and
yet evolve (I’m still about real world results and connection with women).

But it means I’m able to bring even more transformational value to our own
immersion experiences.  The other business coach I’m working with may be
helping to position me as the leading authority on s.ex transmutation.

Not to mention the level of stuff we NOW do to transform and melt your blocks.

Now, at our WORKSHOPS you get the high-end real deal which is all about
EXPERIENCE.  If we only ‘talked’ about transformation or theory and didn’t
live them, well that would be just WAY underpar and boring.

We have to get your SUBCONSCIOUS to have a new experience.

What’s important is that for the pre-qualified men that are there, we create
a CORNERSTONE experience in their adult male lives; something that they
will always remember with new memories and breakthroughs to draw from.

So if you want to join OUR transformational immersion experience (even though
it isn’t in, say BALI) at this point we are requiring you to fill out this short
application and then get on a call with Etienne to confirm it’s a fit.

> Here’s the link to take that next step <


p.s. yes we will have a beautiful woman or 2 there so you can see not only
how I interact but so we can work you through to communicating more confidence
and presence around beauty in the physical (so that you can date prettier women
and be the man you know you COULD be by now)

p.p.s. and because it’s so relevant I’m going to copy and paste Etienne’s latest email!



I just arrived back from Atlanta; had a terrific 3 days of mastermind. On the 30th I’m flying to Las Vegas for the World Information Network’s first major event, then flying at midnight to David Neagle’s event in Miami starting the very next day, then flying to Los Angeles to another mastermind event with my coach Eiji. This will be a busy month!

AND, while being there, I will be hosting a live immersion event with Rion Freeberg in Los Angeles on November 7-8th! Back in 2006, when Rion hosted his first live event, I flew all the way from Barcelona to be there and it had such a huge impact in my life. I came there with a whole list of questions nobody else could answer. Since then, we’ve hosted several live immersion events all over the world, including in Montreal (Canada), Medellin (Colombia), Bangkok (Thailand) and Budapest (Hungary) with clients flying from all over the world.

What kind of results have these clients been getting? Anti-aging by a few years, to begin with. At the Bangkok event, they all looked 10 years younger after 5 days. Several of them came back for 4 or even 5 different events. It’s hard to put the tremendous value into words in terms of increase of charisma and presence, in terms of reconnection with their soul and spirit and in terms of development of their heart, soul and spirit powers. It really is something that has to be experienced and that words cannot describe.

Join us at the Immersion Party in Los Angeles!

“You should warn your clients that our views on life can radically change in the sense of freedom and possibilities… a really blocked person implies a HUGE potential… thank you so much… everything is possible!!! And this is only the beginning…” – Jose (Spain)

This workshop is only for those who are experienced with the Natural Grounding methodology, as we’re going to dive in-depth into electrifyingly high states of consciousness while increasing your sexual presence and charisma. We’ll also talk about getting your life on-track to finally feel confident with the direction you are going with your life, so that you can life a terrific lifestyle while also serving a greater purpose. We can do a LOT in 2 days, and we make these days very intensive. (for those who are newer to this list and who don’t know about Natural Grounding, I’m going to release a lot more about this over the coming months, including the Natural Grounding Player which I’m going to premiere at the Los Angeles event)

Here are some of the things you’re going to get from this Immersion Experience.

1. Learn how to apply Natural Grounding towards specific goals you want to achieve. Natural Grounding is not a passive experience but rather a dynamic tool for transformation of specific areas of your life. You’ll develop the skills to alchemize the energy into your specific goals.

2. Learn how to combine energy work with Natural Grounding, and how both relate with each other. The power behind the videos are in the energies behind those videos, and when you start working directly with the energies themselves, it opens up a whole new dimension of ridiculous transformation. You will get real-life experience with energy work, not spiritual theories.

3. Develop your sexual presence and charisma. For men, the quality of the women you have in your life is a direct reflection of the quality of women you are sexually present around. Rion will bring beautiful women so that we can see how your energy and physiology changes and can work directly on that live. This is way more valuable than going out and telling you what to say and what to do. What matters is who you are being around these women, and we’ll get to work directly on that.

4. Align your lifestyle with your soul. No matter at what level you are at, your soul has desires it is dying to express. We’ll help you reconnect with those desires and live it as a reality, or set your life on-track towards those goals coming from your higher spirit.

5. After the series of powerful events I and Rion are going through, there will be a lot of NEW stuff to share!

And much, much more. Since we work in small groups, we’ll get to work directly on you and on the specific blocks holding you back. You will walk out of there feeling lighter, fresher and inspired to move out into the world in a powerful way to make your dreams a reality. You will be more sexually-present and people will look at you differently, and treat you differently. Most importantly, you will treat yourself and behave differently. This will affect pretty much everything else.

To join us in Los Angeles, answer a few questions to know what you want to get out of it and we’ll have a short 15-minutes interview to see whether it’s a fit.

Answer these few questions to schedule our interview (just check the 3 boxes, answer the 3 questions and mention it is about the event)

Join me and Rion at our Live Experience in Los Angeles

Etienne Charland
Soul Foundation Architect
Get The Life You Want