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L.A. Sex Energy Fusion + Immersion for Men

::::If You Want IMMERSION W/Women + ‘Live’ Major Transformation;
Keep On Reading:::

You, me and…actresses?  Goddesses?…

This is a high-level transformational experience opportunity.

Right now I’m @ my father’s house in central WI on the Wisconsin River.  And now he’s finally got good wi-fi.

As you know I’ve been living abroad again for quite a while but it’s time for a major change.  Austin was the last place I’ve lived in the U.S. (if you don’t count hotel rooms between business growth events I was attending).

After this 4th of July weekend, I’m finally moving to L.A.  I’m getting my car operational; it’s paid off but been sitting here for 2 years and will be driving out West next week.

20 years ago I wanted to move to L.A. (and was even accepted as an undergrad into USC) but now I am truly ready in heart, mind and soul.

My connection with Western women is like never before.

I’m moving to L.A. in a position of service; able to help and advance the most advanced people and performers in the area of s.e.x. and transformation in media.  I’m able to evolve their energy, transformation, presence and performance.  That’s the level I’m at right now in ability ESP. ‘live’.

I’m also a transformational entertainment producer and my calling is very clear with my soul to move to L.A. and I feel GREAT about it.

It’s where I can shine in my full power instead of having conditional expression or being ‘online’ most of the time.

Why?  B/c I resonate with power and beauty…and in certain areas I AM their core advancement.  I’ve fully accepted my path and purpose.

Besides producing, I’m really meant to mostly serve women here forward – but this opens a great opportunity for YOU.

There’s another thing about L.A….beautiful and powerful women.

So when I get there I will be starting se.x energy workshops mostly for female performers this summer (after I get a place and move in).

So what I was thinking (and I’ve already run it by some insiders), is doing something very special.  I’ll introduce you to this exclusive opportunity-in-the-works now and you can feel if it’s something you may be interested in.

I’m planning on starting an elite S.ex energy transformational fusion coaching program.  It would be OFFLINE, experience based and ‘live’ in Los Angeles.  An..IMMERSIVE experience.

It would be like 7 live weekends within the next year where you would fly into L.A. and attend a live s.ex energy workshop that I’m leading (with L.A. women in attendance incl. most likely every time actresses & yoginis). 

Then, we would have social afterparties @ my place with women (like on Fridays) and Saturday nights we’d have the traditional, legendary ‘all-nighters’ with just the boys (men) doing high-level alchemy and transformational work.  On some of the Friday’s if we don’t stay in, we may cross paths with Brent or Brent’s group (no promises).

Unlike other opportunities to ‘meet women’, one of the cool things about this high-level Fusion experience is that it’s not at ALL creepy or about manipulating women.  There’s just an integrity and respect about it via the entire dynamic and association led by me.

It’s real world stuff, real connection, living from power and you’re just immersed @ a high level of the real thing – so YOU can become that man you desire to be yourself with HIGH alpha, cool social status (even fashion).

It’s not for boys, it’s for men and evolutionary leaders.

And men who VALUE s.e.x. and advancement with it in their lives.

L.A. women are no joke.  They’re powerful and beautiful.  By immersing with me and beautiful women (and in a hardcore progressive transformational environment), you’re giving yourself an authentic EXPERIENCE to live it yourself…(well 7 experiences) and not only that, what we do with s.ex energy is topline stuff in the world so you’re going right to the EDGE.

I fully expect to be serving celebrity clients; my dharma requires it…and you can probably imagine the rates on this kind of opportunity will close off to be even MORE exclusive (or after people start seeing and hearing how invaluable it is for them, seeing photos/video clips and as the demand rises).

Yet my time itself is limited.  And you get a lot of it.

But by having such immersive priceless experiences with me and a supportive dynamic of multiple hot women around, you’ll get the best of all worlds to transform your reality through experience and assocation (as well as top transformational stuff we do).

You’ll rise to entirely new frequencies of consciousness, power, sexiness and owning of it-ness!

These are real women, real world scenarios like you’ll experience like in an evolved lifestyle when you go back into your reality.  You’ll be integrated as an attendee @ the workshops and when you’re advanced enough, maybe can even help facilitate work with some of the women.

They’ll know the workshops as performance s.ex energy (which is what they are) working professionally with sexual chi kung, alchemy, energy healing, presence and charisma.  I’ll be bringing out the goddess in many of these women.

You’ll be there as part of evolving your own s.ex energy as an evolutionary man but surrounded by beauty.  Busting through all kinds of limitations b/c you’re immersed in the reality of an entirely new experience.

This is a balance that works for both of us and a dynamic that works for everyone.

No games.

Again; it’s all real.  Real connections and relationships will be formed.

The value for your sexual and social evolution?  Priceless.

So…what’s the cost?  Well, let’s just see if it’s a fit first.

Yes, it would be a significant investment on your part and you’d have to have resources that won’t break your bank if you do it.

With that said, we can work out a monthly payment plan if you’re qualified (I only want high quality, coachable evolutionary men in the group who wouldn’t hold us back).

But for right now, here’s the IMPORTANT THING…yes, you can have more time to decide on this b/c it’s not officialized just yet.  However, if you haven’t attended a past live event of mine or had 1-on-1 coaching, I’m requiring you to be a part of the SPX first anyways.

The good news is that you can apply your investment* in online-based Sexual Presence Transformation group coaching as a credit if you upgrade within 8 weeks to the Fusion…so basically, it’s like getting SPX as a power bonus…

the ENTIRE SPX including coaching access to me in that format if you’re in for the Fusion and can get to L.A. for it (as often as you can for the 7 weekends).

But be informed that the rate for SPX is rising after THIS Friday, July 4th. SPX is $3500 and YES you can use it as a credit for the Fusion experience but on the condition that there are enough other men involved.  If it’s only ie. 3 men, I can’t do it as such a relatively low Fusion rate (however you could still use what you have as a credit to invest at whatever that rate would be which gets you more intimate connection/coaching with me – we can work it out later as long as you have resources).

So are you interested?  It’s best if you can let me know soon so I can have more an idea and so that you can sustain the lowest rate by having other peers (up to 7 men) in your group.

Can you let me know if you’re serious about it (there’s no obligation right now)?

Part of the Fusion is the value proposition and the major amount of my time you’d be getting ‘live’ (which would still be major savings off of my hourly rate) and you’d be getting our hottest stuff (which is always evolving) live…some of which can only REALLY be experienced live (also leveraging the best of all past workshops).

I also want to get a really nice place in L.A. and that costs money.  By having a nice place with enough room for small parties (and spiritual/sexual awakening work), it’s better for all of us and keeps you in luxury and on the cutting edge.

The annual fusion experience will be happening if there is enough interest but the rate is subject to rise unless we get 5-7 men pre-committed. There is already serious interest in getting that going (but I said, do SPX first).

So what to do from here?  If you’re at all interested and may seriously WANT to get in the SPX anyways before that rate rises, then just sign up for the SPX today (even just on the 3 pay plan).

You get all the benefits of going through the SPX itself.

And that’s whether you decide to upgrade later or not.

SPX is a general pre-requisite for the Fusion anyways and it will at least give you the option to upgrade to the L.A. Fusion immersion.

So basically, the safest bet is just to sign up for the SPX anyways, and as long as you’re pre-qualified enough (which we can determine right away or later), you can upgrade to the Fusion within 8 weeks (or as soon as possible).

The SPX does have a 3 pay plan @ the bottom of the information page.

Make sure you understand that if you’re signing up for the SPX, that you’re getting the whole program (non-refundable), committing to your transformation and that it’s also relevant for you (which I’m sure it would be).

OR, you can ask me some questions about either SPX of the Fusion via reply email.

But if you do want the insider rate for SPX either way, I’d sign up within the next 54 hours here. (This is the DIRECT subscription link to SPX).

Especially for what you get with it, it’s a fraction of my 1-on-1 rate but allows me to help you through major transformation first in this format and then possibly in the live offline immersion format with real (and very high quality) women!

Otherwise you’ll probably hear of the Fusion later (although past clients have VIP grapevine).  Thanks for checking this out…it may be THE hot thing for you.

Ready for a major new experience and up-leveling?  It’s hard to top this kind of dynamic (although may be the same thing 3 years from now! but if it’s even on then, it’d be more expensive).

Just be aware of the timeframe here and if you feel an urge to do something about it and feel it’s right for you, either let me know or you can just sign up for SPX anyways.


p.s.  Remember, you can join SPX openly after this Friday but you’ll be paying the regular rate which is planned to be $4500+.  That may NOT be an issue for you esp. when you could still use that amount as a credit for the Fusion immersion upgrade later…just giving you some awareness on your options.

p.p.s. Here’s the link again to just sign up for SPX on pay plan subscription Which will also give you the option to upgrade to the Fusion experience anytime within the next 8 weeks and use the entire SPX investment as a credit:

p.p.p.s. if you’re a millionaire and just want SOLO high level immersion w/me and women in L.A., let’s talk