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Stars & Celebrities As a Transformational Asset

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Why are CELEBRITIES (of all people) a great transformational asset for you?

B/c they allow you an opportunity to keep evolving yourself closer to
source by removing your dysfunctional projections onto their level of power,
s.e.x and beauty!

This is when you ARE sexier and more attractive yourself!

In other words you can have STAR CHARISMA and sexiness (like them).

We’re not talking about fame but star charisma so you don’t have to be famous.

It’s their PRESENCE that is so appealing and attractive.

Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, male models, etc. you name ’em

(Remember that we’ve got celebrity energy readings on Youtube @

It’s NOT just their ‘body’ alone…that doesn’t make you confident.

So besides making fun of their fashions or day-dreaming of some; it helps to
realize that stars are the equivalent to enlightened spiritual leaders; on the
S.E.X. side of Life and human experience.

They also showcase an example of what is possible for you.

Millions of people want to sleep with STARS b/c they have more ‘force of life’;
more charisma flowing through them.

   Do millions of women want to sleep with YOU?

If not, then you’ve got SOMETHING to learn from them that can lead to a
higher experience of your divinity and nature….a higher level of Self-
acceptance that is possible…

A higher level where your own presence and connection to Source can influence others.

Did you know you can go through a process to release your own internal
projections towards celebrities so that instead of pulling them down to
your level with judgments and envy, you become more socially accepted when
you ACCEPT people of higher beauty, power and status?

It’s all about power (spiritual power and influence) and your relationship to it.

Spirituality is all about acceptance and love, BUT if you’re JUDGING celebrities
or they seem ‘disconnected’ (whether done consciously or subconsciously);

The more you love, accept and forgive them, yourself and people LIKE them,
the more social status YOU WILL have.  Then, when high status people
are around you, they’ll not feel the subconscious resistance b/c of your
unconscious projections onto them and their closer-ness to oneness.

When they feel you’re not subconsciously ‘judging’ them, THEN there can
be acceptance.  But you have to clear your own sh*t first b/c they already
have that very congruent power.

So DO YOU know whether you are judging people of greater status or beauty than you?

Do you want to attract something different?

Stars and celebrities are an opportunity for you to evolve.

We’re all coming from the same source consciousness, thus it’s all about
your RELATIONSHIP to all other sources of power, beauty and yumminess.

….Your level of acceptance and RESONANCE with it.

This is the Spirituality of S.ex.

As you become more accepting of these higher forms of Life and expression
(think Goddesses), you resonate on a higher level of reality and experience.

Thus able to attract something entirely new.

I’m not saying to try to win their favors or play social games; just TRULY accept them.

But the key is to EMBODY THIS and it’s why live workshop or experience with
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All of this celebrity work, you could do in your own Natural Grounding
sessions too.

Re-purpose ho’oponopono and you’ll have a powerful method of fast evolution.

Just make sure to do it at a heart and soul level so you really FEEL forgiveness
and clear things out on the deeper level so it’s real.

What levels of power and beauty are you not yet accepting of?

Where are you resisting?  

Do you realize your only resisting your own Greater power?

If you want more connection with high status, beautiful women yet are
still putting them on a pedestal or judging them subconsciously (or if
you subconsciously NEED a certain outcome from them like s.e.x.!), well
NO WONDER they’re ‘resisting you’!

Yet it’s YOU who are the one who is projecting your own disconnection from
source by not accepting them.  They already HAVE that beauty and power;

Thus it’s like walking around a living testament that others are sexier and more worthy than you!

But if you go through this process and release your sh&t that you carry
and project onto awesome people, you’ll find that everything starts changing.

(I’ve done this myself and even still, there’s higher levels to work with)

Oh and;

PASSIVE ACCEPTANCE does not equate to ENGAGED sexual attraction and connection.

As you release your OWN subconscious junk, I promise you will find higher
status people; people who are more accepting of their divine, sexy nature start
to ‘be cool’ with you.

Western Natural Grounding also includes this concept.  It’s another way to
leverage all of the sexual polarity work you’ve already been doing (by removing
your subconscious projections towards social power, status and beauty)!

The greater truth is that you ARE a Star,

You just have to have a reason to evolve –  like they did!

Once you have reason enough, major transformation becomes possible.

A soul-driven Life purpose is a big reason to step into!

-Rion Kati

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