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Many Spiritual Techniques For Awakening – Transformational Strategy

Recently on an SPX Q&A Call, new issues and insights were brought up. Doing the calls
gives me an opportunity to help clarify things in a new way in ‘real time’.

I forgot what the exact question was but there are all these different kinds of things
that you can do – and all of them matter.

It’s important to have a global valuation and strategy like awakening for your life
purpose or transforming to be the confident sexy man you can be around women and
awakening to your greater power.

But there are many ways to get there…countless things you can learn from other
teachers as well.

Ultimately you want to do what works for you, continually growing yet also open to
try and integrate new things.

What intersections, collaborations, integrations and fusions can you make?

Many follow a traditional school of thought and may keep it ‘separate’. I’ve been
all about integration and experimentation from these fragmented things into my
primary strategy of sexual alchemy with media.

So instead of doing countless details and expansion within chi kung separately, I’m
primarily integrating it during my primary sexual alchemy work.

There are so many things to grow in;

Your ability to sense chi, your connection to masculinity on the physical, sexual,
emotional planes, your connection to purpose, heaven and earth, the divine feminine, your
receiving of flow, your tantric technique, breathing practices, orgasmic practices,
countless possibilities within different paths like Taoism and actively doing chi kung,
different meditations, different peak states captured in media all to explore and
experiment with, Natural Grounding, WNG, Chi NG, spiritual alchemy, association with
other successful embodied people, the level at which you can receive or let go, being
the observer, sustaining high frequencies, chakra healing and releasing, self healing,
reiki, kundalini, forms of yoga, mudras, etc.

There ARE no limits b/c we’re working with consciousness itself for transformation!

It can get overwhelming but your main strategy core of ‘work’ will keep you evolving +┬ácentered.

Have a global strategy of awakening that is connected to who you are becoming and while
it’s important to have masters, when you are ready…start finding ways to integrate
complementary things. A lot of ‘tradition’ is about strictly following a master or
practice but once you have the basics down, it may be time to explore integration into
YOUR strategy (as long as you’re conscious enough to know).

If you’re a beginner, it may be better to really gain experience or you’ll just be too
amateur to get any results in integration first.

Either way..having masters is important at any level. So…if you’re ready for it,
there are countless things to continue discovering…find ways to start integrating
them into your global practice.

Because I’ve been so ‘inventive’ in integration, I’ve made many major + minor ‘NEW’ fusion strategies.

Vishen made a 6-phase meditation is another example.

So…what is your PRIMARY transformational strategy?

Are there ways you can integrate or fuse things together (to also save time) and be more powerful?

Are you working on what is the MOST relevant for you?

Are you still continuing to explore entirely new things (and then seeing if they can be integrated)?

(At our live events men get to see powerful fusion of the things I do).