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Aspiring Musicians & Performers: Stars of Tomorrow

If you’re a musician, actor or performer with divine dreams of stardom (as compared to narcissistic ones) and ‘making it big‘ you might want to start soaking this in.

When you can energetically (energy is everything especially in the digital media age) get in alignment with where the tomorrow-land of entertainment in music and film is going TODAY, those in the industry who resonate with it are going to be more ready to attract you and work with you.

transformational singer entertainer

transformational singer entertainer

So what can you do?  A LOT.  Check out other videos and articles on this site.  The term transformational entertainment is going to become a ‘buzzword’ in the industry.  It’s a HUGE new demographic (cultural creatives).  If you can identify yourself as a transformational performer, you’re in touch with the future but you must embody it consciously and energetically.

This also includes that you have to have a higher frequency and level of consciousness to ‘shine’ more brightly than most of today’s stars.  Why?  It’s necessary for the rising of consciousness in the world through media.

I’m a transformational media producer and know ‘talent’ when I see it.  Your presence and charisma communicates this right away (yes, including your social media presence and head shots).  There’s more to say on this subject if you’re a performer who wants to become a star but check out this video where I go into it deeper.


This is where the future is headed, today!

There WILL be newfound talent and new stars.  There is also a new generation of producers, artists and directors that are coming up that are more in alignment with tomorrow’s consumer demands.  You can prepare now to be it and you’ll stand out noticeably.


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