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Sex Sells – Ignorance is Not Bliss

We’re generally aware that ‘sex sells’…

Meaning very few may truly understand the depth of this power consciously; let alone the consuming public (and that’s the scary thought).

How much of our own power are we giving away by being ignorant to our relationship to the influence of media?

(Considering how much media is a part of our daily lives); ohhh… about all of it.

And we’re not even aware of how much leverage SEX has for our own freedom. In fact, we hardly have ANY clue or power in relation to the power that stars have ‘over’ us and on us. And it’s all b/c of our RELATIONSHIP to that power (of sex).

Sex is always ‘greater’ and bigger than us because of our relationship to it.

Instead of going within our relationship with media (and unconsciousness) is diverting our own power away from ourselves.

What happened if you changed your relationship to sex, media, power and influence?

What if you moved from stimulus – response or program – receiver to attuning to a star’s energy in resonance as a reflection of your own star power?

But who is aware of this? Hardly anyone. Unfortunately the general public may value their ignorance as bliss b/c it just triggers them to feel good. That is not the highest experience nor is it a connection with their own power.

I’m afraid much of Hollywood and all of advertising is just following the same patterns that have ‘worked’ to influence people without even being truly conscious (of ‘sex’) themselves.

Sex sells but why and what are the deeper implications of its power and influence?

And the industry CEOs VALUE ‘what sells’ b/c profit is still a bottom line on the business side but AS consumer consciousness evolves, what people value and how they experience entertainment and sexiness will change.

That’s why it is up to progressive producers and consumers like us to demand a higher standard now to evolve mainstream media itself.

This IS the future and it’s inevitable as consciousness IS rising in different industries.

If you’re blindly wielding it like a sword to the unconscious – watch out…it may come back and affect you. The dog is becoming smarter.

After much inundation, eventually the dog may realize you’ve BEEN secretly conditioning it to salivate and truthfully seek to re-evaluate the entire dynamic of the relationship.

Sex energy is infinitely ‘fun’ and sellable but is that power respected?

Although many industries are ahead of entertainment consumption; consumers are becoming more conscious and able to see through c/overt manipulation and disempowerment.

They may also begin to realize that diversion is not as fulfilling and will start valuing a deeper more personal and awakening experience – of their OWN power and subjectivity.

This is the future of entertainment experience. I guarantee it and my tribe lives it.

Diversion will ALWAYS have its place (I LOVE it) but if the diet is all junk food, where is the holistic growth and health for the hearts, minds and sex of billions of people with media?

What happens when ‘the people’ become more conscious of this (SEX) and their relationship to it?

What happens when tomorrow’s producers actually become more sexually conscious and instead of covert manipulation and influence value the awakening of the/ir people?

How much longer will consumers (value) remaining ignorant?

The West is rampant with sexual oppression, denial and such and entertainment media remains a force of ignorance (both in production and how consumers value experience).

It’s a perfect cycle for them; religious and other sexual oppression…let’s secretly appeal to their desires that ARE there and influence them without their awareness. This dynamic is changing AS people become more conscious and I am a force of this evolution.

What happens when progressive producers value enlightening people instead of merely diverting them? What if they started integrating evolution into their mainstream productions instead of merely diversion?

Sex is one of the greatest powers that can hold you hostage or set you free.

As humanity becomes more conscious the dynamics of different markets will change as they are changing in other industries. Entertainment has remained a stronghold of ignorance for both production and the experience-er.

What will happen when the power goes back to the people and they DEMAND answers and freedom (think how ‘natural health’ industries vs. the pharmaceutical industry is).

What could happen when the media consumers reframe their relationship to realize that they are also just as worthy and equal as divas and divo’s?

What if we could change our relationship to all power, media and sex itself? You have that power right now; you’ve always had it. ‪#‎sex‬ ‪#‎entertainment‬