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Self-Sabotage In Getting Physical With Women

    Ever been in this kind of situation?…

A woman may even be INTO YOU when you’re with her, yet you may self-sabotage or ‘doubt’.

You’re on the couch together but something’s invisibly STOPPING you from moving forward??..

Then she turns icy and you kind of hate yourself; it could have GONE SOMEWHERE!

Maybe that somewhere was the friend-zone or her perceiving you as Mr. Nice Guy and attraction DROPPED.

I’m going to challenge you (but for your own good here;)

You may SAY you want to get physical with women…but do you really?

        (This is for you to be more aware whether you are or not)

Because your CONSCIOUS intention may be conflicting with your subconscious
and entirely self-sabotaging you from getting places with women (even kissing).

How do you actually move forward?!

How can you NATURALLY get physical and with more powerful or attractive women?

Well…as we’ve covered before; the secret of naturals is that they have physical
values of s.e.x. and attraction.

Here’s the NATURAL and physical path of attraction and consensual seduction:

  Meet girl >
Flirt >
                     Kiss >
                           Makeout >
                                    Foreplay (optional) >
                                                            Physical intercourse
> ~possibly babies~

(None of this is to devalue it; it’s a most beautiful thing…we’re just observing it’s truth)

Naturals embedded values are in alignment with LIFE and the force of life
attraction and creation.

B/c they value those actual experiences, that’s what they attract and manifest.
That’s what their emotional and sexual energy is attributed and associated
with the most.

One of the BEST things you can start doing right now is stop referring to
what you think of as se.x as ‘s.e.x’.

(B/c you’re ‘thinking of it’ instead of actually experiencing the physical
sensations in the first place, it’s instantly skewed anyways).

S.ex and its energy is being used by media DAILY to influence and manipulate
your subconscious values of attraction.  Consumers by default have a dis-empowered
relationship and are generally unaware of what’s actually going on with media programming.

We’ve identified about 20 different programs and values of s.ex. all with
their own values of attraction (ie. religion, se.x in advertising, fame, etc).

You may have even made up your OWN values of s.e.x;

But it doesn’t mean it leads to ‘the real thing’ for you or her.

These values influence EVERYTHING about what you’re experiencing and attracting in life.

Change your values, you change your s.ex life – period.

But you have to do it on the subconscious level so that it’s real.

I teach in SPX group coaching for the men to stop themselves anytime they
refer to ‘s.e.x.’ but really mean something else.

From here forward it would do you great benefit to refer to physical intercourse
as physical intercourse INSTEAD OF ‘s.e.x’.

(Also, referring to it as such can take away a lot of the overwhelming pressure
and uncontrolled, bigger than life excitability about it)

This is b/c your subconscious has been programmed and conditioned to believe
many other things are s.e.x. (p*rn, fantasy, products, fashion, etc.)

Few to ANY of them actually lead to THE REAL THING.

This is the grand illusion and drives ‘s.ex sells’.

And you are attracting what you value.  So when you can take on a NATURAL’s
VALUES of s.e.x. (which are the PHYSICAL values of attraction and seduction),
then you’re going to start seeing improvements.

This is why something like Natural Grounding is so powerful; to get your
subconscious to value WOMEN FLIRTING so it attracts what starts physical
relationships.  (It’s all so SIMPLE really once you get CLEAR on your values
of s.ex and attraction).

So really ‘getting physical’ with women is a natural thing but you won’t
really get there if your subconscious only values FANTASY.

  See hot woman  >
                             > fantasize about her
                                                    > pull out tissue + masturbate

(Clean and repeat!? 😮 )

Can you see THAT cycle of attraction and how it’s attracting something else?

Can you see how it might be self-sabotaging when with a woman physically?

The problem is when that OWNS YOU and you become unable to connect with real
(physical) women b/c fantasy can become too strong.

But as you clear out your other subconscious valuations of s.e.x. while
integrating and valuing the physical and polarity values of attraction and
s.e.x., THEN you’ll find yourself getting consensually PHYSICAL w/women more often.

This is about being the embodied man with whom SHE can get physical with too.

So instead of self-sabotaging yourself and not naturally making out with her,
your body is secretly saying you’d rather fantasize about her so you STOP
yourself from going any further while being fooled by your subconscious b/c
it actually values fantasy more than the ‘real thing’.

Fantasy IS the real thing to your subconscious in these cases b/c it feels
orgasmic energy and is going to attract more of that path.

And the HOTTER she is, the more you’re probably pre-conditioned to fantasize to her.

So the thing is to see if you even really VALUE getting physical b/c if you
really did, you’d already be getting physical with women b/c your subconscious
automatically attracts and manifests what you value.

Fortunately (and it’s safe for me to say this now);

We’ve got the best and most relevant training in the world to go
through this transformation with our Sexual Presence Transformation Immersion.

Men have said in their own ways, that no other teacher comes close to actually
hitting what really matters to make these deeper changes in who they are being
and what they’re attracting with women.

So another thing to be aware of is if you’re ‘intellectualizing’ s.ex.

Inner Game is its own dysfunctional valuation of s.ex that will also lead you astray.

It took my own experience + dating a lot of women, etc. to have these industry
leading insights.

So do you HAVE natural values?  Do you want more of them?

The good news is that you CAN change but you literally have to reprogram your subconscious.

What matters is that you can transform in a much faster time than it took
me.  You can do it on your own but the danger with that is your subconscious
will keep fooling your perception and will want to keep holding on to your
dysfunctional values of s.ex that aren’t actually manifesting you what you
(say you) want.

Just like in the example above.

This ‘Getting Physical’ Powerliminal meditation on Youtube (the video and
short version) will help you on your own to start integrating the values
of actually getting physical with women.

Change your values of attraction and s.ex and you change everything about
what you manifest.

Do the transformational work and keep evolving AS you continue meeting and
dating women.  Then you’ll see how the calibration plays itself out in the
physical plane of experience (where she’ll be more into you, where kissing
happens more often, etc.)

Integrate and embody NATURAL values of attraction & you’ll find more physical success (w/women).

You won’t have to worry about what to say as much etc. b/c you’ll be present and receiving attraction.

If you only keep dating women without changing your deeper values, you’ll
keep self-sabotaging yourself without even knowing why and it could drive you
mad or to the point of quitting women permanently.

It could take YEARS b/c you’re unconscious and don’t know what you don’t know.

We can resolve that stuff now in record time (each man is different).

In addition to using that Powerliminal;

If you sense however your problems are deep-cut with other blocks and you
want to move faster to get to a state of NATURALLY ALIGNED presence and
confidence (lack of anxiety) with attractive women; I’d love to help you with
wherever you’re stuck to finally break through even if it’s been YEARS.

If all this makes logical sense then your move is to EMBODY IT deeply; like a natural does.

Even though I’ve moved on from being a dating coach, I’m still in the business
of sexual and personal transformation.

You can schedule a time with me here (no cost) and I’ll give you recommendations
based on where you are (whether you work with me or not).


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