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What is Sex?

What is Sex?

It may sound crazy at first hearing the question, but I hope that this may be the most exciting post you’ve read all month or maybe even ever because of the implications it can have for your future.

Ready to get some BIG insight here that can change your life around permanently into freedom, attraction, vitality, happiness worthiness and powerful presence?

Get ready because sex is not limited to what you think it is.  It’s something FAR more powerful than you ever EVER could comprehend. 

And THAT power is what we work with here at Sex Energy Success to transmute and transform the very reality and expression of who you are as a man or woman…even into great success with mere fractions of it.

Celebrities and legendary performers already harness ‘sex’; they’re just not always aware what it actually ‘is’ themselves and even then many believe it’s about the glamour or the body (which are simply components of the equation). 

So let’s bring some transformational insight into what Sex really is and the impact of what it can mean in your life (well…you’ll start to get a sense of that on your own).

Sex has MANY different meanings and valuations including depending on what the context is.  Your definition and valuation of it is determining MUCH of your worthiness, power, confidence, attraction, freedom and happiness.

Why?  Sex is a POWERFUL thing.  We feel these deep and driving urges within us as we hit puberty.  You may remember the first time you pleasured yourself and an entire new world opened up.

You may also fill out forms asking what your ‘sex’ is: male or female (or did you want to put ‘yes please’ like Austin Powers?)

When a baby is born they have to document what ‘sex’ it is; boy or girl (male or female).

Sex can be Madonna’s book, it can be porn production, it can be what your body feels during masturbation, it can be the act of intercourse itself, it can be ‘getting to first base’, it can be sex in advertising, it can be a belief and value that you have to game women in order to get somewhere with them, it can be a ‘sexy’ model in Maxim magazine, sex can be a religious code or belief with immorality and sin, it can be social power…it can have many different meanings.

Because of it’s power, ‘sex sells’ and it’s such a major topic, we’ll go into it elsewhere on the blog.

Since sex is so powerful, its power can be used to influence your state of consciousness; to manipulate you, influence you, persuade you in different ways especially when you aren’t aware of it’s true nature.  It’ll get you to do things you logically wouldn’t do.  It’ll get you to BUY things you logically wouldn’t buy.

It can also compel you to do great things in life.  It can also help you to be a creative genius like the great avatars of the past (who also harnessed the power of sex).

However; by not being conscious of the greater nature of sex, you’re kept in the dark and sex power can be used against you by others for their benefit (win/lose). 

They can hold power over you by keeping you out of your own inherent power and potential as a ‘good’ citizen.  (We ALL have access to the exact same power that celebrities and the sexiest people in the world have and it’s what we’ll be working with as Sex Energy Success).

Some of the greatest oppressors of the power and beauty of sex are religion and society.   Family, education and tradition are also other oppressors; often without their awareness of it.

If you actually had the same power as a King or God, it would threaten the entire foundation of most religions and the social structures that have been built historically which kept certain people in power.

God, sex and money are the things which hold the most power over us as human; they are the things which can set us the most free yet are those which are the most controlled and manipulated by others (to keep us from having that awareness and power ourselves).

It’s important to remove your own guilt, shame and oppression around sex and sexuality if you really want to be free and a more conscious human.

So…Sex is more than just the ‘act’ of sexual intercourse (in the physical) that there is some cloud of shame and guilt around that we keep private and indulge in part of the time in our life (while always wanting more).

You might even have wondered what this website was about.

So, in order to give you the most transformational leverage and power, we want the most truth-aligned, conscious and accurate description of sex as possible.

So this is the greater reality of ‘sex’ as we can put it now:

Sex is the co-creative impulse of God (or the Universe) seeking expansion and expression with and through us and all of Life. 

So the physical act of sex is the actual process of life creation itself personified (manifest into our own physical expression of it). 

It’s something in our ego-based lives that we ‘personalize’ and then often carry shame or guilt around b/c of our lack of consciousness of the true nature of sex (and God)…yet is the most miraculous and powerful thing.  Sex is a Creative thing. 

Because most people keep sex ‘personal’ and are very unconscious of it’s greater nature and transformational power, they tap nowhere near the power sex has to change their lives.

At source (because of the balance of masculine and feminine);  essentially EVERYTHING is sexual. 

What if you had a new paradigm that; Life is Sex.

…and that you were already fulfilled with sex so you didn’t need it outside of yourself and that because you were SO connected sexually to the truth of sex that not only would you attract or have far more of it in the physical, but what you previously knew of as sex (in the physical) was simply the physical expression of the sexual connection you already felt, knew, ARE and expressed?

What if you were SO connected to the opposite sexual polarity that they felt this great power and connection with you that inspired them and compels them to action or attraction with you?


That knowledge (and the embodiment of it) could transform 100 million+ lives instantly but that’s not how we view it in the world.

So the more you awaken to the reality of Sex beyond your personal self, the more power you have in this lifetime. 

The world is awakening in many different ways and in different industries yet there has still been a cloud around ‘sex’.  Because of where we’re at in the world and where you’re at by coming to this website, it may be time for a liberating consciousness about sex so you can finally HAVE and receive what you want without feeling guilt about it.  There is no guilt in the greater truth of sex, only connection.

As you become more conscious of sex, it will set you free and give you great, natural powers in alignment with Life.  Great powers to bless your life and success.  This blog is about helping you to harness those powers of sex energy and sexual consciousness mostly with sex transmutation to have success in your life especially in areas where other means couldn’t succeed (a more passive spirituality, personal growth driven by the ego which has reached a plateau, etc.)

If you feel strong resistance to this idea, it’s because it’s threatening your entire world view of reality.  It would mean that all of the time and experience of the past is something your subconscious wants to hold onto.  But from here you can consciously decide how this relates to your future; follow old codes and programming which were closer to oppression or to become more sexually conscious and step into greater freedom, happiness and power (to give more value in the world).

By changing your definition, valuation and context of ‘sex’ (into something more accurate and closer to Source), it should instantly start moving you out of something to be ashamed of or keeping ‘behind closed doors’ and into a greater Self power with it that you can use to transform your life into better health, wellness, vitality, attractiveness, worthiness, freedom, creativity, sexiness and bliss.

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