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The Evolution of Sex Energy Success: Your Sexy Chi

Presenting….my new Brand and evolution! Your Sexy Chi


Since 2010; I’ve been continually struggling with ‘finding’ my niche (after branching out from my natural game dating business). I just didn’t ‘fit in’ anywhere.

As a coach, I never had the problem of having to differentiate myself from the competition…the challenge was translating something ENTIRELY new to the market/minds.

The transformational coaching and work I do centers around sex transmutation (the concept Napoleon Hill brought up in TG&R. I found it didn’t really fit into the value system of spirituality, meditation, holistic health and yoga nor into the models of Western personal growth.

The closest thing to what I do may be Taoism but with a strong Western style valuation of results and success in areas outside of vitality and longevity.

For years, my next step ‘ad hoc’ brands all felt temporary and never fully aligned; Peak State Monthly, Holistic Awakening, Self-Awakening, etc.

I even considered what spiritualists would think of me, so I kind of tiptoed and played it safe so as not to trigger them but it just didn’t work. I’m not just about stillness, I’m about Force of Life, power, influence, movement and the conscious competence of energy in entertainment.

I wasn’t being true to myself so that led to the active vs. passive spirituality debate in 2012. My vision and service just didn’t fit.

You just don’t hear of spiritual leaders who wear Italian fashion and care about sexual attraction, charisma, and financial soul service success.

Something also didn’t feel right to me about the massive disconnection of Sex from consciousness and awakening in the Western world.

Sex holds so much power but there is still not very much conscious awareness around it; esp. in entertainment media.

But then I heard from a master coach that focused on “what’s the thing you’re the BEST at in the world” and I regained the clarity of ‘sex transmutation’ (the initial concept that started it all).

But then there was another problem of how; How would I TRANSLATE that (sex alchemy) without scaring or ‘triggering’ people?

How on earth could that be compelling or intriguing without it just being focused on the process?

Even the ‘Sex Energy Success’ evo felt less personal. But then I reconnected with my deep life purpose and there I found my core Soul Tribe: performance entertainers; recording artists, divas, singers, actors, actresses and dancers.

They are the ones who value sex without being triggered by it. Instead of being ashamed, they value more power, radiance and influence in alignment with THEIR path, purpose and expression.

And they were in front of me the entire time with Natural Grounding and the core of sex transmutation but I couldn’t see it for years that it was they that I am ultimately meant to serve as a transformational producer.

But it wasn’t until I finally attracted Sabine Messner—The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding. that things took real shape. Instantly she resonated with me and I went through the Emerge Experience http://theemergeexperience.com .

In that, we were able to deeply connect with who I am, where I’m going and how I’m meant to serve in a way that brings everything together in full alignment so I can serve unhindered.

I let go into the process, somehow knowing that ‘it’ would be there.

With that said, I’m now whole-heartedly proud to have a brand that represents everything and pulls it all together.

It bridges my past as a leading men’s transformational (& dating) coach along with my vision and future as the leading charisma and performance coach. It brings advanced energy healing and work to people who may not be into spirituality or meditation.

It brings the leading experience and training of sex transmutation to industry leaders.

The brand infuses East and West, Sex and Spirituality, Spirituality and Entertainment to serve professional performers and entertainers as well as conscious men who still value sex, sexuality, sexual presence and attraction as the premier source for their evolutionary advancement.

It is a transformational brand that is not for the faint of heart. It is for the most progressive and pioneering in the world; those who value CONSCIOUS sex, sexuality, energy, ‪#‎charisma‬ and influence…market leaders and A-list performers.

The brand is also a bridge for chi kung to cross-over and be relevant directly for sexual attraction, healing sexual anxieties as well as professional performance entertainers, charisma and confidence.

Introducing…Your Sexy Chi! The brand that embodies the future yet present ME. The me with the powers with and through me UNLEASHED. Across the next 2 months I’ll be developing the active web presence along with the video blog of Sexy Chi TV.