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Chi Natural Grounding Intro – NG Super Summit [mp3]

When I was living in Panama about 14 months ago, I had a MAJOR breakthrough with chi energy after hiring a coach who knows a Chi Kung GrandMaster…I then started integrating it into Natural Grounding (sexual polarity meditation/alchemy) and it’s in this audio from the live Natural Grounding Super Summit that you can learn more about chi energy and sexual alchemy for MAJOR breakthroughs on your own with sex energy, transformation, attraction, confidence and orgasmic energy.

Click to play above or grab here the Chi NG Super Summit release file [mp3, right click save as to download] This is where I first and officially introduced Natural Grounding 2.0 as Chi Natural Grounding.  If this resonates with you at all, at the very least download the file as the mp3 and put it on your digital media player…it’s some advanced and HOT stuff that you may want to relisten over and over to.