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Finally! Your Big Breakthrough

As a man;

If you haven’t yet had it yet with women or sexual presence and you’re still pretty stuck;
how slow of a start is 2015 going to be?

Let’s face that EEKY thought right now.

Some men wait YEARS to contact me after being on the list and realizing
that they’re still having integration issues on their own.

Your 2015 is going to be here before we know it too and what happens
if you still don’t breakthrough to the next levels?

I mean it IS your life and dating life as well as your own sexual growth.

I did what it took for MY life and I embodied and internalized it.

And you know what?  On my own evolutionary path I’ve found that there
are always NEW breakthroughs necessary so I never stop learning and
growing.  I had the MAJOR breakthroughs YEARS ago and heaven forbid
that you still haven’t had those yet esp. when you’re in contact with
someone like me.

You really should NOT still be stuck.

At any level, there’s always a higher level.

If you’re still stuck after being on my list, there’s something you
still haven’t internalized.  And I want to help you personally break
through b/c I know you DON’T have to keep suffering or trying to figure
it out on your own (or filtering what you’re hearing on the list and
somehow it’s still not working).

And for me; it’s why I put my pride aside to get to LIVE events and
opportunities with other masters so that I can breakthrough instead of
trying to figure out what they’re saying from the pain of where I’m still
at.  (It took me 7 years before I hired a coach in business – how stubborn
I was).

So, in January I’m leading a NEW workshop that will help you directly
with YOUR problems and where YOU’RE at to BREAKTHROUGH.

If you’re in apathy, let’s get you out of it.
If you’re unworthy, let’s break you through to more real worthiness.
If you’re inconsistent, let’s get you more consistent.
If women are flaking, let’s have an evolved strategy and reality.

Let’s move you into abundance.

This workshop is all about you and the other 5 attendees.

Now; why else would you want to attend our January 2-day intensive?

It may be the best way to kick off your new year and set it off right
with a major, priceless breakthrough or 3 and new embodiment that people feel from you.

And we’ll still have training on harnessing your sex energy for more

 *Sexual Attraction
 *Confidence & Charisma

As well as

 *Embodiment techniques for more sexual power & presence
*Sensing your own chi and working with Life Force energies for core changes
 *Start removing dysfunctional programs & beliefs that are preventing attraction
*Energy healing to start clearing up what you’re communicating to women
(everyone is at different levels of depth)

And the 1-on-1 Laser Coaching time in the group setting allows me to
work DIRECTLY with you and what’s holding you back from harnessing
more sexual power, confidence and attraction.

Everyone will get that personalized time so we can focus on YOUR
breakthrough directly with me WHILE you can leverage the real breakthroughs
of the other men in the group setting.

Yep, it’s set up to work directly on YOUR stuff to break you through –

EVEN if you’ve been STUCK for years.

We can make fundamental paradigm shifts that will affect everything
else in your life plus you’ll have tools that you can KEEP using afterwards.

Not to mention the value of being at a ‘live’ workshop around my experience
and presence.

Dating issues are a lesser concern and I was coming from mastery with that
years ago (advanced dynamics); it’s the deeper confidence, attraction and
presence issues that we really have to work on.

It’s about working directly on who you are BEING to experience something new.

And we’re able to do things we can’t do in most products or on the email list.

Now; normally my VIP Day is $5000 (although still at a starter discount for
the next 2 who book) and now you can experience a 2 full days with me receiving
that personalized 1-on-1 attention in a small group setting for only $500.

This is a private, high-end experience and gives you the opportunity to
experience very real transformation and up-leveling if you haven’t done
it ‘live’ with me yet (or if you want to return).

It is NOT a low-end event for freeby-seekers who can finally afford something.
I’m not going to let in anyone just b/c it’s at this price. 

I’ve moved on from being a Top 3 natural dating coach but attraction is still relevant.

We do the most powerful and highest level transformational work with sexuality
and consciousness with men who are serious about their growth.

Just because you may have the money and it’s at a price anyone can afford, does
not guarantee you will be accepted due to the intimate nature of the event.

This is a new format we’re trying out.  So if you are seriously considering
attending (in L.A.), just set a time with me here and we’ll see if it’s a fit
and I can answer other questions.

The dates again are Jan. 9 & 10th.  If it may be for you and you really want a
BIG breakthrough OR to breakthrough to the next levels; pick a time and we’ll

You can claim that as yours and let’s definitely get you unstuck,


p.s. if you KNOW you’re essentially stuck, this is a very real opportunity for you

Even if you’re at an ‘ok’ plateau, we’ll take you to higher levels if you really want it