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Is There Such a Thing As Chi Kung For Sexual Attraction & Charisma?

For 1000s of years, ‘qi gong’ or ‘chi kung’ has been used with a valuation of longevity, vitality and wellness by Ancient Chinese.  In modern day, this valuation remains but there is so much MORE that you can do with it that may be more relevant to your life.

‘Chi’ stands for ‘life force’ energy and it is energy that runs through us and our meridians keeping us alive.  ‘Gong’ or ‘Kung’ means practice so qi gong is ‘cultivating’ (or practicing) with life force energy.

This life force energy is closely associated with our sexuality and it is through Taoist practices like inner sexual alchemy where you can transmute and renew your life force ‘qi’ into more vital energy (as compared to depleting it in Western sexual practice).

Now that Qi Gong is becoming more popular in the West with practitioners such as Lee Holden, it is expanding in awareness (and yet is still amplifying the valuation of wellness), yet the connection with how this relates to sexual attraction – well…frankly, hasn’t been there, ummm – AT ALL.

Reiki by the way is also working with ‘chi’ (‘ki’ in Japanese) energy for removing blocks and energy healing.

So again; with all of Qi Gong, the valuation has generally been about longevity, vitality, health and wellness and it BORED me.  If it weren’t for something more relevant, I never would have got into it in the first place.  Even the Tao form of sexual alchemy (and transmuting your own internal qi for more energy, alertness and longevity) has still been indirect at BEST when it comes to what many millions of people care about; sexual attraction.

What about sexual attraction?  What about top-level techniques for professional performers and actresses to have presence and charisma?  What about things like these that are also relevant to Western life (and could likewise cross over many NEW people into practically working with ‘chi’ energy)?

Isn’t there just something like Chi Kung for sexual attraction and charisma?!

Yes, there is!  And you can call them, Sexual Attraction Chi Kung and Performance Chi Kung.  These are new methods that have a DIRECT practical working valuation of sexual attraction, presence and charisma.  We already have real (new and innovative) techniques that you can use.

And fortunately these the MOST direct and relevant ‘practice’ you could do to develop your sexual presence, charisma and magnetism b/c you’re working ON the life force levels itself.

Since it has been known for 1000s of years for what it is; it seems few would contest what is already so known and practiced;  Until now, when we’re simply bringing in a valuation MORE than just great health and wellness (btw you get those benefits anyways by working with qi). I felt it was time for a crossover and cross-application that no one else was bringing, so I’m doing it.  And if it wasn’t for sexual alchemy, I never would have got started with qi anyways).

Hey, health and wellness is GREAT, but I had other values.

Since qi energy IS sexual in the aspect of co-creative life force (yin and yang), it would only be time before we can finally use qi more relevantly for sexual attraction.  And we have!

So what I’ve been doing is developing these as an entirely new form and valuation of ‘chi kung’.

It is not at all to contest the ancient work and practice, however to expand upon it into new areas where it IS also relevant (like sexual attraction and performance charisma).  With all of this, I continue to learn from Qi Gong masters myself.

After 1000s of hours of meditating and doing sexual alchemy with the sexual polarities (where I am a Master), it was only natural that I would finally bring in qi yin and yang energy (which I did in 2013).  Since getting involved with qi myself I have advanced very rapidly and the energy flowing from me when I do it is very palpable.  This has also expanded my healing powers.

Although I am nowhere near the experience level of traditional masters with it, I am VERY experienced in what I already do with conscious yin and yang energy with sexual alchemy.

Last year I introduced Qi Natural Grounding as a new technique for working with qi energy integrating it with what we do as our primary technique for sexual attraction: Natural Grounding.  Qi NG is a powerful technique that you can use for both sexual attraction and charisma chi kung.

I practice with it in all of my sessions trying entirely new things.  After studying with Grand Master Mantak Chia in Thailand, my work with chi continues to expand to entirely new levels.  So all of the work I am doing now is to further expand my capabilities to lead by example for you.  I’ll continue developing real-world chi kung for sexual attraction and performance.

I have already started doing this at our workshops (where our valuation with Qi is more on sexual attraction, presence and charisma vs. wellness).

So with all of this keep in mind that I am not a Qi Master nor a Chi Kung Master.  I am however, a Master of Natural Grounding (sexual polarity meditation and alchemy) who can now powerfully work with Chi energy.  Because it didn’t exist, I am innovating my own techniques with Chi that are related to sexual attraction and professional performance charisma.

 So if you want more sexual attraction results or charisma, these are some practices to get seriously into!

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