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Choreographers & Dancers: Insight Into Next Level Performance

If you are a choreographer or dancer, what is it that can truly take your dance performance, routine or troupe itself to entirely new levels like Dancing with the Stars?

Sex energy!

Beyond the actual technique itself, you are COMMUNICATING in your presence and energy.  This is what you should make sure you’re focusing on for your own talent development.

Your heart, mind, body, sex and soul is a part of the performance.  Your body (or your dancers) is the vehicle of expression in dance so the more you develop your other non-physical attributes, the more power and influence your dance is going to have (like a star).

The crazy part about how accurate this is, is that in today’s digital age (and with Youtube), your BODY isn’t present on video, but your conscious energy IS.  So if you’re a choreographer for your dancers, you might want to look into working with charisma and sex energy to increase the effect of the performance itself to entirely new levels (beyond a focus on the physical).

Yes, we have more awareness now than a film director yelling out ‘more energy’ (or ‘more cowbell’ for that matter).


You’ll also want to look into international dance and dancers to reference this for new things to add to your work.

Want to really dig in?  Get more sex energy insight & access