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Free Natural Grounding Player Software [v1.0]

Happy Thanksgiving (if you’re American)!

Here’s a gift to kick off the holiday season and it’s all yours F-R-E-E:

The kickass ‘Natural Grounding Player’ Software v1.0 (opens web page)

You can grab it from that page right NOW even!


After a couple minutes of installation (well worth it) you’ll be ready to
rock ‘n roll with it.

ADDENDUM: PLUS, some adjustments and fine-tuning to video settings.

It’s already been Beta-tested and has a catalog of over 400 awesome videos.

All we’re asking is that when you put it to use to give us feedback (esp.
focusing on the impact it’s having on your sessions and life).

This is some MAJOR awesome stuff that already can bring infinite new value
and experience to your life.

Grab the NG Player v1.0 from here

Happy Holidays (and look for other announcements)!


p.s. as of right now it’s only for PC use

p.p.s. and to celebrate BLACK FRIDAY…we’re doing an UNHEARD OF 50% OFF
the Powerliminals Line.  Powerliminals access and purchase are embedded
within the NG Player (but I’ll also send out a link tomorrow/CODE for Mac
users to get the 50% off discount).