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The Secret of Naturals With Women Revealed


…it’s simply that their subconscious values the PHYSICAL.  Not the idea
of the physical alone but the actual physical and what it’s like to flirt,
touch, play with women, etc.

A Natural IS sexual and values the physical.

A natural is present, values polarity but generally values his own s.ex life.

You can go beyond natural with women.

An awakened natural values and embodies the physical yet gets into higher
levels of sexual power beyond himself and can use that s.ex energy in different
ways.  He is generally beyond his own personal desires and more metaphysical.

So if you want to be natural, comfortable, present, powerful, attractive
and confident with women like a natural, VALUE the physical and the energetic
alignment between you and women that leads to physical/sexual relationships.

And it’s not just a CONSCIOUS value but it’s embodied in their sub-conscious
so that they automatically attract flirting and that which leads tot he physical
with women.

But if you have ANOTHER conditioned value of s.ex on the subconscious level like
s.ex = fantasy, well no wonder you’re confused around women physically!

B/c you’d rather be masturbating to her to make your subconscious feel good as s.ex;

You don’t even VALUE flirting as a sign of s.ex when it’s everything that
leads to the physical!

So get clear on your values of s.ex; consciously first.

1 thing you can do to make the change is to clarify what you are referring
to when you say the word ‘s.ex’.  I’ve taught my men to seriously clarify
what kind of s.ex they are referring to b/c it means so many different
things to them which are automatically attracting what their subconscious values as it.

How about;

S.ex = physical intercourse?  You had s.ex with a womoan?  Oh, you mean
physical intercourse??

Why does this matter?  To help you get clear on manifesting what you really
value in life.

B/c when you’re masturbating to a fantasy, your subconscious believes THAT is s.ex.

So differentiate things consciously so you don’t face value conflicts.

Many a man is COMFORTABLE in fantasyland but it conflicts with physical reality.

Like a natural;

When you can start valuing the PHYSICAL path of attraction and seduction
(flirting, kissing, making out…/like a natural)..then you will attract
more of it.

Oh – and you don’t necessarily have sexual anxieties you have CREATIVE
anxieties.  Se.x energy is creative energy.

So you may have to have a fundamental paradigm frame of s.ex itself so
you’re not left in guilt, shame, embarrassment, etc.

Fortunately the greater truth is on your side (of Life, power, confidence).

What if your subconscious valuation of s.ex was your connection with
heaven and earth and the life force energies within and around you?
Then s.ex wouldn’t be something to ‘get’ outside of yourself, you could
BE fulfilled and when you meet women, they can’t take anything from you,
there could only be more of a PHYSICAL connection with the s.ex that you
already ARE!

We just had a Q&A call and 2 of them posted today that they had gotten
‘physical’ with women very recently.  This may also have had something to do
with me communicating on Facebook how I’m permanently up-leveling my
standard for men and their investment in their success.

We’re celebrating their successes and working on what else to remove
that is blocking them from being more confident all of the time.

If you’re interested in seeing why YOU’RE still blocked, one thing you
can do is reach out to me and take that discovery session 30 minute
call.  I’ll ask some questions so we can see more of where you’re really

Here’s the link to set up a time with me.

The only ‘cost’ is being open about what you’re going through right now, ok?


p.s. so if you want to be more of a natural with women, start valuing the
PHYSICAL path of attraction and consensual seduction which means valuing
FLIRTING and open energy with women (moreso than lapdancing which manifests
fantasy).  Natural Grounding is a great way to start really valuing what
leads to physical intercourse…but you have to determine if you REALLY
value it or if you really mostly just value fantasy