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Why ‘Game’ Doesn’t Work on Higher Quality Women – Attraction Advice

On this website we will have relevant advice on sexual attraction because it also works with sex energy and presence while being one of my areas of experience and authority-ship (previously I was one of the top 3 natural coaches for men online with dating, attraction and transformation).

You’ll find it under the ‘sexual attraction’ category.

So why DOESN’T ‘game’ work on higher quality women?  If you take on the dysfunctional beliefs of a PUA, it’s like you have to become congruent with the entire ‘act’ but the thing is women can see through it; they can see through any flaw.  So why not just be AUTHENTIC anyways?

I’ve always been about natural attraction.  Discover more in this video why taking a pick-up artist approach and ‘gaming’ women doesn’t work.


The effective answer is to work on your aligning and empowering yourself as a man; work on your sex energy and presence to BE the man that women would desire to be with.

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