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The New Epicenter – L.A. As Base

Recently I’ve resettled back in the U.S. after living abroad in different countries for strides of time.  And Los Angeles it is!  Finally I’ve made it to California.  I pre-visualized ‘moving’ out West since I was a teenager…even then I knew it was entertainment that I wanted something major to do with my path.  This time it involved driving out West TWICE though; once from Wisconsin and another from Texas with a Budget truck moving storage.

For a while I debated San Francisco or San Diego as options but during my sessions it became VERY clear that L.A. is where my soul is supposed to be for what’s in store.  Those signs came to me during sessions earlier in the year that it was definitely L.A.  It’s bold – it’s a big move and my business is breaking through now more than ever.

Unfortunately there was a collision with a deer 3 hours west of Austin and quite a bit of drama and then Destin Gerek’s Embodied Man Weekend in Malibu.  There wasn’t even time to unload the truck so I parked it near the event location for those 3 days.  Malibu is gorgeous.

I’m meant to be here and it feels great in my new luxury apartment with amenities here.  This will be the epicenter and I’m getting new furniture to support the intimate and social gatherings that will occur here.  More updates coming soon – I’ve got a great view of the Hollywood Hills and Hollywood sign.

What better place than L.A. for the evolution of sexual consciousness in media!