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The Evolution of the Beauty Industry, Glamour & Femininity

If you’re a beauty consultant, this may be the most breakthrough article you’ll read all month.

So what is the secret to allure and radiance?  How can a woman have more of it?  The beauty industry sells and promises more of this yet there is great room for improvement to sell even more.  This article will introduce the inevitable evolution of the beauty industry which can then affect mass social consciousness in the West of how we perceive women and who they are.

Why women really want to be beautiful is ultimately to be in their higher expression as not just a woman but a goddess.  We love our stars and celebrities because they are closer to life and the creation of life (sex) itself.

A lot of the values in the West with glamour are about fashion, body and the beauty industry (with an unbelievable number of products).  So what IS the evolution for women and the beauty industry?

The next level for the West with beauty and glamour is getting into the energetics of beauty.  And it’s not just our perception of what ‘self-esteem’ is.  It’s something much greater.  It’s sexual.

This is the real secret of star power allure and now we have more consciousness of it and what it is.  So if you’re a celebrity, fashionista, actress model or just a woman who really loves beauty and wants to not just look, but feel and be more beautiful and glamorous, it’s time to get into the energetics or what you could call as ‘beauty consciousness’.

The West has its own reality and ‘machine’ that works however is still capped because they aren’t yet integrating the energetics of beauty that are occurring in other markets globally (where even then, there isn’t much of a conscious competence of the energetic of allure).

So how can you have more beauty?

Well, in order to expand our perception of reality to BE more beautiful, we’re going to step outside of the Western, popular media matrix and reference what’s going on in the East.

When we can ‘culturally differentiate’ we can find how else we can improve and take things to entirely new levels.  We’ll want to reference models of beauty in the East but instead of viewing it on the normal levels (What label is she wearing?  What products is she using?, etc.) we want to look at and value her energy; specifically her feminine sexual energy.

In this photo, Yoona of Girls’ Generation not only has great skin, hair and glamour going on but she has a special quality that isn’t as known or popular in the West; she has a higher frequency feminine energy.

glamour & beauty evolution

Her consciousness and embodiment is attuned to her divine feminine (something that is greatly repressed in the West) and she is very open and flowing in her Chi and conscious expression (even as a professional performer).

Because of this she has powerful feminine allure, radiance and attractiveness that is appealing both to men and women.  When we get past any prejudice, criticism and judgment, she is actually more beautiful because she is more in alignment with Life and the Creative Force of Sex between the sexes (masculine and feminine).

Why wouldn’t we have this?  Lack of this greater awareness and our own values. Feminism still has a hold yet the beauty industry still sells and wants something more so it’s kind of like a stand-hold (new word?) because we don’t see models like Yoona on the cover of our magazines (reference the energy, not whether she’s asian).

Our version of femininity and our models of sexuality generally have a mix of strong masculine energy.  We value the female body for sure, but our values are still that of independence and the personal self instead of the goddess Self.

Stars do transcend but they can be far more influential when they start consciously getting into sex energy work.

So the next level of beauty I predict for the entire beauty industry is that some lead actresses or figures in the West will start getting into the energetic of beauty, clearing out their own value conflicts (of social conformity, following the system and independence) to do something bolder and start resonating at a higher feminine frequency on a spiritual level of sexuality instead of the mere physical.

At that point, millions of Western women will start getting into the next level of beauty.  That’s why I’m bold to say it (it’s not even what I think), this is our inevitable evolution anyways.

Why do I predict this is going to happen?  Because anywhere there is oppression, the people will break free.  Consciousness is rising throughout the world and at different rates in different industries.  By oppressing the goddess within women for so long in the West (and valuing or objectifying body instead of the Spirit of the Feminine), it’s GOING to find a way to break free and the beauty industry is one of the primary and most influential areas directly connected to our vision and expression of womanhood.

Yes, I daresay feminism oppresses the greater Spirit of womanhood while they were angry fighting for (even a justifiable) a cause.  Feminism was important in the history of our growth, but it’s time to move on and evolve.  Staying in disconnection with men doesn’t make sense.  The flow of Life is blocked and there are more relationship issues than ever.

Life IS the balance of both sexes and the evolution of human consciousness will require men and women to be and lead from the better version of themselves.

Once the beauty industry starts this foray into the energetics of sex and goddesses (with all the previous power to support it of products and fashion), I predict they’re going to start selling even more magazines because it will give women and their clients a chance to be even more free beyond the self-imposed boundaries we’ve created in the West.

It has nothing to do with being a more ‘traditional woman’ (and all the projected cliche’s that can be conjured) but actually a woman who is liberated and in a higher experience of sexuality, power and expression.  The keyword being ‘is’.  So we look to our models in the East who are far more advanced than in the West, b/c we simply don’t value it yet.

It’s interesting because some of these large companies ARE multi-national and working in Asia.  They know it’s ‘culturally’ different, but it’s our Western values that are holding us back;

The independent woman hasn’t evolved into the goddess yet.

Even our cover models are nowhere close to where they could be.

I predict a few bold actresses or performers (whom our society already loves) OR some up and coming starlets (who aren’t yet famous) will break this mold and dare to be as free as Yoona and in their greater feminine expression at a higher frequency and then it’s going to become the hottest thing and it’ll probably transform Western culture.


Because when women are in alignment, LIFE is in alignment; there is great beauty, renaissance and thriving (as compared to resentment and battles of the sexes).  Men feel inspired instead of rejected, devalued or confused and women are lifted to higher levels in a higher balance of co-creativity we have not yet seen in the modern West.

It’s the next level of freedom for women.

Sex sells and when you take things to the next level with the spirituality of sex, you have more power and influence.  These ‘girl groups’ are ridiculously popular in the East while we have hardly any clue what’s going on because we’re caught up in our own machine and cycles of marketing.

So which major beauty label will be the first to break the mold in the West?  We’ll see!  It’s not even that they have to have an ‘asian’ model; it’s all about the higher female power; sexual and spiritual power (as compared to physical or intellectual).

So how can you RIGHT NOW (without waiting for the industry and social values to pioneer and evolve to the next evolution) get into being and looking more beautiful and glamorous like a goddess yourself?

It would be to get into sex energy work to actually raise your frequency and clear out the things which are consciously and subconsciously holding you back from resonating at a far higher frequency of beauty.  That’s where allure truly comes from; the sex energy and alignment with life expressing through you beyond the personal self and social values.

It would be very bold to stand out as a goddess in the public eye.  There are sub-culture’s that value it (think; Burning Man), but they are isolated and have their own cultural community values that it doesn’t transcend or connect with the greater mainstream consciousness; yet.

Who will be the first truly free Western model?  And if you think we’re free as women socially, we’re not.  It’s time to evolve from feminism to Goddess-ism.

Until you can FEEL what Yoona feels for example, you don’t know the consistency of a far higher conscious experience sexually, spiritually, emotionally and personally.  I’d love to help the Western woman evolve to the next level..it’s a big part of why I’m here and will mostly be serving in the entertainment industry (and its ability to affect mainstream or social consciousness).

Want to really dig in?  Get more sex energy insight & access