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November 2014 Update & Energy Reading Insights

It can be a bit of a challenge to write when you have 100s of actual breakthroughs since the last blog post.


So recently I’ve gone through the Soul Purpose Branding Emerge Experience as well as 4 back-to-back events or workshops with Etienne Charland (including our own in L.A.).  Here’s some photo updates:


Howard Martin of HeartMath speaking.  Also Gregg Braden was there on Halloween so it was great to hear him speak live.  I’ve been a donor to HeartMath for about 2 years.

IMG_3729 IMG_3734

Here’s the world famous ‘Water Doctor‘ we met @ the WIN event in Las Vegas right before having to catch our flight.

The Water Doctor Healing

Then we went to Ft. Lauderdale for David Neagle’s Accelerate Live after being stuck in LAS for an 11 hour flight delay.

 IMG_3741 IMG_3746 IMG_3750

Finding some food off the property in FL.

IMG_3752 IMG_3754

Then we came back to do our workshop @ my place in West Hollywood.

sexual presence transformation workshop l.a.

IMG_1636  IMG_1686b1 IMG_1694 IMG_1667b1

And as per our live workshop tradition: going out for Thai food!


After our workshop we did Eiji’s Inner Circle Mastermind in Dana Point, CA.

  IMG_3849 IMG_3864 IMG_3884 IMG_3892  

With that said, I have some major announcements coming up which may be kind of shocking.  For years I’ve been hiding to some extent living abroad but my soul is forcing me to step fully into my greatness and now I have that clarity of what I must do (here in L.A.).

Fortunately Etienne and I had 2 back to back sessions (post events) that uncovered all kinds of new things including the concept of Soul Depth vs. Height.  


(Some core power right herre)

Now, it only takes me about 10 seconds to fill up my lower chakras with Yin energy (instantly more grounded) and we started doing Yang to Yang chi kung fu.  What if you did an entire session of ONLY embodied receiving?  Before ‘giving’ you should reconnect and re-embody yourself.

I’ve still not got around to teaching Natural Grounding 4.0 which is about auto-calibrating yourself to the resonance of celebrities.

Last night I was connecting to the Chi of (the) Hollywood (sign itself) which was very powerful Yang energy.  So much going on and OH – I might be changing my last name…and the perfect name came to me in a dream.  And the soul branding experience is VERY major, aligned and converging.

Anyways; last Sunday we hung out @ Destin Gerek‘s new place overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  I’ll be going back for his Enticing Desire Weekend to hang out and enjoy the experience.  There will be women there too and I’ll calibrate to maybe a new way of working with them (I’ll be doing a LOT of work coming up).

This day was an enjoyable time with the 3 of us as experienced transformational leaders.  It flew by as we talked with his roommates, did some energy work and he finally discovered more of how advanced ET-N is.

Destin & Etienne

Anyways, let’s just take this photo and I’ll cue you into seeing some things with energy reading.  Remember that everything is energy so you can take any photo and it represents a snapshot of a person’s power, charisma and presence in that exact moment.

destin gerek, rion, etienne

Look and sense for lightness, heaviness, pressure, tension, fullness, fluidity/danciness, constriction, emptiness, clarity, convolution/muddiness, jaggedness or smoothness, projection or receivingness….and do this in mind of the different chakras.  You can also check it in their aura and around the body.

A quality of feminine energy is weighted, softness, earthiness.  In men this ‘grounded’ effect in different chakras is the receivingness of yin, feminine energy (that which we would otherwise call as more ‘masculine’).

A general quality of yang “light” energy is ‘projection’ as ‘masculine’.  Also look for a quality of ‘warmth’ esp. in the heart area.

This is a good photo of powerhouse leaders that can help you to start differentiating things to sense and intuit into the truth of presence which speaks louder than words.

For example, you can start to sense in this photo that Destin is earthy, receiving, heart.


I’m more a force of creation with the focus (a masculine yang quality) that is heavily grounded in the physical
world.  My lower chakras are very embodied and ‘heavy’ yet there is some tension b/c I’m sucking my gut in (hey – I’m working on that).  I could also work on warming and opening my heart.

The balance of life is the masculine and feminine and the more they are inter-twined and healthily feeding each other, the more power you have to create in this physical world.  BTW I can get a lot more grounded than that but it generally takes focusing in and doing some chi Natural Grounding or something.

And you can also sense that Etienne’s in outer space with 2 toes in this world just ready to ‘beam you up’.  There’s immense energy in the top 3 chakras and if you stare at his 3rd eye you’ll probably start increasing your own psychic abilities.  It’s like a piercing focal point.

There is some energetic fragmentation and jaggedness around Destin (holdings-on from the past) that has actually been cleared up more significantly than it used to be and it’s been something he’s working on.

You can also sense the eyes (and do this with ie. celebrities) to start sensing things.  I have strong focused projection, Destin has warm receivingness and Etienne has out of this world spiritual acceptance and feel-goodness.

So once you’re more aware of these things you can instantly start telling a lot about a person…(there’s a lot more to this too).  Our 2nd chakras; mine has this powerful fusion of both yin and yang b/c it’s mostly used for ingenuity and creation, Destin’s is more heart-connected and receiving of feminine (earth) and Etienne’s is weaker than usual probably b/c he was doing more upper chakra work that day and he’s always taking time to rebalance or work on himself energetically.

There’s a great open-ness of energy flow in Destin’s lower 4 chakras.

destin gerek, rion, etienne

So to kind of cliche things from left to right; Mr. Creation, Mr. SexyLove/Heart and Mr. Cosmos.

The heart connection can drive women crazy when it’s mixed with open sexual acceptance and power which Destin embodies.  This is important if you want to attract and have a deep emotional connection and love with a woman.  My being closed off means it may be more difficult to have that kind of experience however there is great sexual power.  (Another thing about me is that I can get into states 100x more powerful than this during sessions b/c I’ve conditioned myself to).

B/c we are receiving of yin in our lower chakras it means (generally and universally that) energetically the divine feminine within women will be drawn and resonate with us sexually ON the sexual level of experience.  But if you’re CLOSED, cloudy, restricted, constricted, dysfunctional, etc. in your lower chakras and your relationship with yin, it’s going to be difficult for women to feel sexual attraction for you.  The thing is even doing chakra re-balancing isn’t going to fully heal deeper sexual wounds, dysfunctional relationships, traumas, etc. b/c your subconscious is related to the chakra…to truly heal you’ll have to take a deeper holistic approach to clear it all out and form healthy relationships.

If I want to be even more sexually appealing here, one way is to embody or focus on either projecting yang in lower chakras or simple receiving-ness of yin which would plant me more on the physical plane of connection/experience.

As you can tell; there’s a lot with this.

On the contrary a woman who is LIT with light in her lower chakras (or p*ssy) is very receiving of the masculine and this is a VERY alluring and compelling thing (and it’s not just the ‘light’ around her in the image).  This is different than a woman embodying and projecting yang there.

Something happened to Taeyeon here and I bet it’s a man in the physical to change her.


She was my least ‘favorite’ of the 9 for a long time but she’s recently changed.

Different types of women would resonate more or less with each of these energy profiles (presence) and even have an entirely different experience with each of us.  Some women have just become entranced like a ‘deer in headlights’ with Etienne’s soul eyes…heck, watch out who wouldn’t be caught in the ‘tractor beam’!?

Can you start to see how presence without speaking words is so important?  Esp. when you consider that women ARE more intuitive and sensing of this truth about yourself and how you’re communicating?  We’re just making it all more conscious here.

Use this also to be more aware of what you’re embodying and projecting.  Are you embodying confusion, disconnection and projecting creepiness?  Women sense these things unconsciously before you even speak.

Even stars have ‘weaknesses’ that can be improved so if you’re closer to a ‘normal’ person, chances are there may be a LOT to work on including your alignment and embodiment of heaven and earth beyond the personal ego self valuation (which is what gives you more power like a star).

And remember that our energy profile can change; sometimes we could each say we could energetically change roles as I’ve been more heart-open and in outer space before too.

So that’s all for now.  I am offering a VIP day Jan. 3rd for 1 person only.  It is an investment.  If you’re interested contact me here and we’ll see if it’s a fit (no obligation).

We’ll work on energy reading if you want but more importantly helping you to transform into more sexual power, presence and alignment so you can have far more confidence with women.  It’s all about your energetic relationships and embodiment b/c it’s that energy that manifests into the physical plane.