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Experiencing & Integrating Chi In Your Sessions – Masters

What are your sessions like?

Are you experiencing CHI yet?

If you’re SERIOUS about sexual and spiritual growth, then it’s time for it.

Before I used to have more of a personal FIRE during my sessions;
everything stemming from within.

I still do b/c it’s related to life purpose yet NOW that fire is
connected to universal frequencies.  I’m now working ‘with’ the
divine itself which is far more power than the personal.

That might sound esoteric and I would have scoffed at it a decade ago.

But now it’s’s a very real experience and it’s SO badass.
You can actually FEEL this and as someone who was skeptical before,
experiencing it changed it from something out of touch filtering through
the mind into something real.

And the thing is you wouldn’t know until you actually experience and
feel it yourself; otherwise it’s all conjecture.  (The same with my
experience before it; I’d heard of chi but it wasn’t ‘real’ to me yet).

It wasn’t until I hired a coach who worked directly with GrandMaster Zhou
that things started breaking through in Panama in 2013.  Since then I’ve
evolved very fast working with chi life force yin and yang polarities in
all of my own sessions.

And if you love Natural Grounding yet you’re NOT yet experiencing a
personal connection to Divine Yin and Yang energy and consciousness
with chi, you’re NOWHERE near the power of where you could be in your
sessions.  I can assure you of this.

What we’re doing is awakening to all power and the greater truth of who
we are and what we are capable of.

See, Etienne and I have been doing this for a long time.  We’re not
‘watching videos’, we’re alchemizing conscious energy (power) and recently
I’ve been fusing Eastern wisdom and experience more into what we do.

And that includes the Eastern understanding of chi/prana/ki.

We’re experiencing and harnessing universal frequencies beyond the personal
self – actively..this is where major power is at for transformation and

And since we’re aligned with great Eastern wisdom, history and experience,
we have even more leveraged infused into our sessions.

So if you’re NOT getting major results out of NG, then it’s time to look
getting direct coaching or live work with us.

B/c if you’re at a plateau, chances are we’re BEYOND it and can help you through.

For me, connecting to my personal and then divine life force (chi)
energy was such a MAJOR breakthrough and now, LIFE is with me during
my sessions beyond my personal self.

And, yes – it’s SO badass.

For years I COULDN’T feel it yet I wouldn’t be surprised if I start
doing telekinesis (moving physical objects) from this foundation
within 5 years.

Why?  Because I have a strong connection to ‘The Force’.  I have to
for my life purpose and I’ve become a greater container to receive
such conscious power, like a star.

You can too.  If you have a reason to and you can practically tap into
these powers.


If you’re NOT experiencing chi and doing chi kung during your sessions like this;
you MUST get to someone who knows how b/c otherwise you’re trying to
figure it out on your own from a place where you just effectively can’t.

How many years is that going to take to get anywhere with it?

I didn’t breakthrough with chi until I hired someone who worked with
a GrandMaster (over Skype).  His name was Doc Barham.

Fortunately my years of Natural Grounding paid off FAST once I crossed over.

1 of my very first experiences was an orgasmic breathing with yin chi and SNSD.

Training like Qi Natural Grounding will help you on your own if you can’t
get to a live workshop but based on your receptivity, you may or may not
get as great of results as you could out of it as 1-on-1 or a workshop could.

That’s why LIVE is so important for this type of experience work if at ALL
possible; esp. for what we do.

Not only that, when you’re around masters their higher frequency actually
helps to dissolve your blocks so that YOU feel more power and flow of
life force energy.

Because Etienne and I are VERY connected to the flow of life force energy
and can feel it powerfully when in advanced states (which we can readily
get into), we can help transfer those frequencies to you.

We’re already powerful energy healers and can even do distance healing.

This energy stuff isn’t imaginary or ‘made up’.  I’ve broken two steel
chairs from the weight of ‘the Force’ just by sitting still with it in
a session connecting to the Yang polarity/Divine Masculine.

The chances you’ll be able to do that on your OWN are slim to none UNLESS
you directly get with masters and start INTEGRATING higher frequencies
yourself; and removing your blocks to them.

And that’s what I’ve been doing.  Goddesses have been my masters and I’ve
also been activated by 3 of the most enlightened men in the world to have
more of this life force connection myself.

Plus a lot of time around Etienne as a master himself.  I’ve also learned
directly from GrandMaster Mantak Chia, 2 tantra masters and will further
Chi Kung with GrandMaster Zhou – in PERSON.

So if you can’t hardly feel any charge with chi energy or you’re just
getting nowhere with it, maybe it’s time to just join us at a rare joint
workshop like in L.A. Nov. 7-8.

Maybe it’s time to put any pride aside so there’s more room to grow and
advance if you really want spiritual and sexual advancement; that is, if
higher levels are called for you in your life.  Then it’s a no-brainer
decision to just get around the masters like I’ve been doing and not compromising

1 could say that Etienne and I are masters of sexual alchemy and sex transmutation.

Although we’re not chi kung masters per se, we are masters of transmutation.

And getting RESULTS.  Our top students/clients get major results.

Chi kung is now a big part of it.  Alchemy is what gets you transformation of
consciousness most powerfully and directly (including Natural Grounding).

That Chapter in ‘Think & Grow Rich’ on sex transmutation?  Yeah…it’s that
stuff.  So if you want more sexual attraction, presence, charisma, confidence,
genius thought flow or unlimited creative flow, this type of stuff is the TOP
line you’ll find in the world for it.

Esp. now that we’ve integrated and infused Eastern practice into what we do
(they were less about attraction and flow).


Chi and YOUR connection to heaven and earth will give you massive leverage
to transform even when your mind and subconscious continues to hold you back.

Actually feeling the power and energy supporting you and integrating it is
priceless b/c then you can KNOW it’s ok to LET GO b/c you already FEEL the
power of Presence itself.

Let’s get you to that place and foundation.

So that it’s not just words but REAL experience.

You can’t put a price on ‘FEELING’ the power of ‘The Force’.

(I’ve already rested my forearm on air once).

It’s VERY real and exciting so again; so if you’re not yet feeling that presence,
please be aware that unless you get to someone who CAN, you may never get to feel

CHI holds GREAT power and possibilities for your life not just for health and vitality.

I honor the importance of real mentors and masters in my own life.

At the past 2 workshops I did, I got the men feeling chi life force
energy for the first time and integrating it (priceless) into their
own sessions.

Now, with the above said; the Vault Series and a few other things like Qi
NG training should be effective (b/c the energy IS still there) however
you may still be blocked to experiencing your own connection with heaven
and earth and feeling the real powers (not imagining them).

Doing NG and training like Vaults on your own should not be your peak if
you’re serious, it should be part of the mix of your overall strategy which
would include live workshops and ideally coaching.

Realizing this as the fastest path and trajectory, it’s all the more reason
to get to a live workshop where we can help you feel that it IS real in
person; so you can start experiencing the priceless benefits on your own
not just during the workshop from there afterwards.

Feeling energy and the power of presence is entirely next level stuff b/c
it’s the core of the ‘real thing’ which women also feel, sense and know
around you.

Not only at the workshop are we going to be working with chi kung in
your sessions but also working on your sexual power and presence itself.
I’m the only known teacher integrating chi kung with sexual attraction
and presence.

So if you know and respect that investing in your growth with people
ahead of you is a no-brainer and this all resonates with you, join us!

I’m very experienced and RESULTS FOCUSED.

The more you get out of it and get results, the better for both of us.

(Esp. b/c a lot of this stuff is ‘new’ to the industry).

Dating women and the dynamics of dating multiple women, etc…we can
always cover that stuff but it’s sexual presence and YOUR connection to
chi, heaven and earth that is really the foundation for unlimited power,
confidence and success; how all of that integrates with your path and
purpose and mind (consciousness).

And believe it or not, you can attend the 2 day workshop for only $1000.

So far we have 2/3 returning attendees b/c they know the POWER and value
of the experience and what it does in their lives.  Now it’s at a price
where you too can finally dive in AND this is the latest, most advanced
stuff we’re doing but we’ll help you from where you’re at now.

Here’s the link.

If you still don’t see the value in something like chi, that’s ok.  We’re
also covering the relevance of sexual presence and talking to beautiful
women, dissolving other blocks you have and so forth to being powerful
and getting dating results.

As far as the chi alone, if you’re still not ready for it..that’s ok.

But just give it more time and space in your journey.  There are books on
amazon that I saw a year ago that I just wasn’t ready for “that’s too far
out there”; yet now I’ve come back around to buy ’em (like on Archangels).

So, the workshop is getting closer.  Why not step up and confirm your spot?
You can read of past workshop testimonials there.  We only do something
about once/year together (Etienne and I).


“Best investment ever” – A.R. on Medellin workshop

Check out the info page anyways to validate whether it’s a fit.

Like our past workshops, you must be pre-qualified to attend.

I’ve turned down clients before b/c they weren’t a fit.

If you’re qualified and ready, I hope to see you in L.A.!
p.s. after introducing chi and integrating it into our sessions at the Euro
Immersion Party in Budapest 1 of the men changed his life virtually overnight
and started having success with women even though his old friends wanted to
‘drag him down’ b/c he had changed so much.  Both Etienne and I saw him again
afterwards and his presence and charisma had entirely changed and evolved into
rockstar presence.  Another of them had stepped into true creative genius levels
as a professional musician (and may be sharing some things in a future Powerliminal).

Not everyone is ready for it but if it’s the right timing, it’s a major leverage
point to integrate what we do with chi.  We’re the only ones in the world I know
that relevantly work with chi for sexual presence, charisma, flow and attraction.