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Sexual Presence Conditioning Technique + 39th Birthday Life Shift Announcement


B/c it was my birthday and it just took longer than I thought to write and I wanted to announce it; I didn’t go over it to edit or ‘attune’ the delivery in this form of communication as its own element.  To deliver something of this length takes ideally proper editing, etc. (all writers know) but the core and depth is still here even though some of it sounds a bit superficial and a bit fun.

Today’s my 39th birthday and it’s the time for a major life shift announcement!

First, let me tell you about a simple presence ‘conditioning’ technique
you can do.  This can be used an effective gauge of how PRESENT you really

(Or you can skip to the announcement below)


Sexual Presence Conditioning/Gauge Technique

It’s actually pretty advanced and may drive you to madness but when you
can master it, you’re going to be FAR more powerful, influential and awesome.

(Presence is where your power and influence is all at at sexually and

Recently I had a smoke alarm battery that would sometimes just start
beeping loudly every 30 seconds until I reset it.

But I would keep in on for 5 minutes sometimes.  (Etienne finally bought
me replacements).

What I discovered was that most often I would entirely FORGET and disconnect
with the fact there was a beep coming or going between them.

Each new beep would be like ‘what’s THIS’?  Oh…the smoke alarm thing….and
would just go back into presence forgetting about it ENTIRELY until it beeped

That’s a gauge of HEALTHY presence!

This is really important b/c the power of presence allows you to effectively
over-ride your own self-sabotaging patterns, conditioned programs, dysfunctional
relationships, fantasies and anything else that keeps you out of the moment.

OR SAY…being thrown off around beautiful women.

When you’re truly PRESENT and ‘in’ the moment you’re NOT thrown off by her power.

Success lies in presence and embodiment; and the more heart, s.ex and soul
connection you have developed and embodied, more of that influences WHEN you
are truly present.

When you’re in your mind, fantasy or attached to past failures, you’re NOT
PRESENT.  So start focusing on cultivating presence!

So you can set a smart phone timer to 30 seconds of a countdown and gauge where
you are at.  Set it and forget it.  When it goes off reset the timer instantly.

If it’s a nuisance and PLAGUE that you want to shut the thing up it’s proof that
you’re not very present.  You’re limited by time.

Because sure you’d be aware of the beep when it happens but TRUE PRESENCE would
entirely not be affected or attached toi t in the space of the other 29 seconds.

Your state of experience would be disconnected and unattached from the recurring
pattern of those beeps.

So you can re-purpose this to start ‘conditioning’ yourself to be present and truly
lose touch with the madness.  This is a battle that can’t be won with the ego mind

Either just be still or engaged in some work during the interim each 30 seconds
and when the alarm goes off – see where you’re at.

Gauging or conditioning presence within 5 seconds would be FAR more powerful and

But when you find that you’re TOTALLY disconnected at some point with what’s going
on (and no worries, attachments or anxiety of what’s coming up), then you’re making

You could also test it Chinese water torture style.


Success with women is all about sexual presence and your ability to be in your sexual
power, polarity, body and consciousness WITHOUT being thrown off into the past or

How much POWER is being communicated during the moment of now b/c there is only the Now.

There’s a lot of presence techniques to help you and our own Sexual Presence Trans-
is the most relevant thing for sexual attraction results but that’s enough
for now.

(And yes, Eckhart Tolle is a great source but the danger, and Yes I say DANGER with
only that passive zen approach is entire disconnection from the relevance of S.E.X.
You can have spiritual presence and yet still have ANXIETY around women which would
mean you’re not truly present so make sure to value and work on your SEXUAL presence
if you want more success with wome and alignment with your power).


           Let’s get to my birthday announcements!

Yes, I’ve changed my last name EFFECTIVE TODAY to be more aligned with the flow of energy
in my purpose and so that I can step into my full power.

(My name change is @ the bottom).

So for today we’re just going to have 3 major points and as this month goes on, I’ll
be releasing the new website, updates, the re-branding with the business itself and
even take you into the mythic story of this journey (if you’re up for it).

Even though I’m shifting direction I’ll actually be able to serve you MORE (I’m not
‘stopping’ the business but it will be evolving again).

So here are the 3 big announcements today.

1. I’m going into music production full-time in 2015.

I know it’s kind of a crazy dream to ever be ‘successful’ with it, but it’s what I
feel I MUST do to be happy (along with #2 coming up).

At this point I’m not exactly financially f.ree EITHER so going into it full-time
is ‘risky’ from some perspectives.

It’s also crazy b/c I don’t see how to make money at it unless I’m REALLY successful.

But it’s what I know I must do and will focus on EDM, dance-infused Pop and remixing
primarily.  I was into electronic music back in 1992!!

Another thing about it is that it may put me in the category of countless OTHER ‘bedroom’

But what makes me a force to reckon with is that I master skillsets and I learn from the
best.  I gratefully have unlimited creative flow genius (from what I do with Natural Grounding
when I tune in) so I can keep churning out golden eggs.

I want to make hit music.  And massively influential videos.  I want to be the one who
is charging up Shakira’s chakras and assisting spiritual connection before filming a major music
video – that kinda thing.  (And later I want to be directing them).

After all the world of digital media IS meta-physical and that’s my playground.

It’s ALL about power and influence on our consciousness esp. in Heart, S.ex, Mind
and Soul.

My general outlook is music production > music video production > film production

I’m going to get professional @ music production first.  I’ve dabbled before as a hobby
here and there for years but it’s time to take it serious.

Good news is that I’ve already been producing some hot resources and it will continue as
a transformational media producer.  I’ll also get into directing and producing actual
Natural Grounding videos with the actual performers (vs. just remixing in editing).


Why on earth have I been doing and leading all of this sexual stuff all these years if
I’m going in the direction of production and performance (btw, I’m still here to serve
you as we’ll refine below)?

B/c the truth is I am a producer.  I am a Creator.

I am a creative professional and sexual energy is creative energy.  I have a super-creative
dharma that requires massive conscious energy to do what I’m going to do.

So…with Natural Grounding (and s.ex transmutation), I discovered the Holy Grail of
Creativity.  And I know and embody the future of entertainment and the future of entertainment

So…instead of kind of hiding out online, I’m stepping into my embodiment and power as
who I am at a hardcore soul level: Producer.  And more specifically transformational

What many don’t know is that this is the reason I went on this path in the first place
and I’ve kept secretive.  This will be revealed more as we move forward.

So, by me stepping into my aligned power which has been massively building up all these

I’m actually able to serve you MORE (part-time).

So that mixes things up, eh?!  But wait…there’s more.

2. I’m going to work ‘live’ with professional performers. 

And this means for DECADES.  !

Not on acting technique or choreography per se but on charisma and the energetics of influential
performance.  (Energy is everything and it’s ALL coming across in media).

Actors, actresses, recording artists,dancers, divas, celebrities…even top performing,
market-leading visionary entrepreneurs and speakers to help them ‘perform’ at divine

This isn’t just some whim or something ‘cool’ to do; it’s hardcore soul level service.

My dharma has to do with producing enlightened media and rising consciousness THROUGH
media.  A big part of THAT is the performance itself (not just the choreography,
cinematography and editing) but the CONSCIOUSNESS of the performer and their energy.

All of my 11,000 hours of Natural Grounding/alchemy time has been WITH performers if
we really look at it.  And it’s all PRODUCTION.  This is where my heart and soul is
and I love it so much.

(Media is perhaps the greatest untapped resource for enlightenment in our modern world
but how it’s mostly being used now is anything but).

The magic of performers (and our goddesses who are more sexually advanced and conscious);

It’s been in front of me the whole time.  Now, it’s turned around so that the goddesses
themselves are MY clients.  Performers are my SOUL TRIBE.  The likes of Palmy herself
are my ideal client; this is the energetic balance and it’s time I start serving.

I’ll be starting workshops in L.A. for performers in early 2015 and expanding my social
circles.  I may also do transformational entertainment consulting for studios, etc.

This is more daunting than it may initially seem b/c it forces me into my full power
and I can’t hide anymore.  If I was JUST music producer where I’m already comfortable
behind the camera, behind the studio workstation I’d still be hiding from living my
full potential.

The greater aspect of production is what I call super-direction; working with performers
directly energetically to take the performance and total production to new heights.

And honestly, it kinda scares me.  These are very powerful, influential and beautiful

It requires great courage but I AM heeding that call.

I’m stepping into the unknown on faith and yet soul-level knowledge to do it.
And it has less to do with leading a sexual revolution for men and more to do with
the world of entertainment and influencing stars on the frontline who then influence
culture itself.

I MUST do it or I’ll never truly be happy; I know this.  But the rewards I think are
beyond fathoming.

With the re-branding I’ll stand out like no one else ever has to serve more
relevantly to them LIKE no one else and at this point in history BUT I have to step
into it.

With it I’ll be single-handedly bringing Performance Chi Kung; the only known
valuation of chi kung that goes beyond vitality and wellness into charisma, sexiness
and performance.

I will stand alone as an embodied bridge between East and West, Se.x and Spirit,
Spirituality & Media, Consumer Entertainment & Enlightenment.

These are some of the GREATEST gaps out there thus it requires immense divine power.
Power which I have with me and on my side with all of the embodiment work I’ve been

Now, I’m taking that actively into who I am and will be living it instead of conserving
it or saving it for a rainy day.  Actually it IS a rainy day here in L.A. and that
day is today.

Over the next days, weeks and months you’ll see a new Rion emerge out of the cocoon.

You’ll start actually seeing the hero that you thought and knew was there at the core
but wasn’t always clearly seen in many photos of me (it was hidden and not-present then).

I sense there is success beyond my wildest dreams in store and it’s part of my path
I moved to L.A.

All of this boils down to my life purpose and living in alignment with it.

Thus to facilitate with this major shift;

3.  My name change

Recently, I’d been concerned a bit of how phonetically ‘Rion’ and ‘Freeberg’ (which
I’ve been using the last several years) are kind of disjointed together (even
though there is great richness, pride and meaning with my birth last name).

I also knew I was going through a major change and was never happy with my name
and identity as a producer (and everything else).

But the perfect last name came to me in a dream.  It’s so perfect that I never
had to ‘try on’ anything else.

And it was very clear when I woke up shortly after the dream; shocking even.

I think it was the morning before the joint L.A. workshop with Etienne.

(This is also befitting b/c ‘Dream’core Productions is the name of the overall business).

It was so exotic, out there and new; something I wouldn’t have thought of consciously.
But it was ME.  The TOTALLY powerful, present, sexy, soul-aligned serving ME for my
path and purpose.

Of course I instantly ‘knew’ something was WOW about it when I woke up in a dazzled kind
of state.  But I put it through great testing over 2 weeks; make sure the soul alignment
and feeling was really there and I started embodying and resonating with it as my new,
next-level self.

I’m not going to explain any more about ‘why’ it is what it is but there is a lot of
power and alignment as well as some deep alliteration with it.

I have to get my California drivers license still and yes I’m keeping my last name
‘Freeberg’ as the ‘legal’ last name (and it may even come back in the future for film
production), but from here forward you can call me;

                         >>>>    ‘D-Munny $wiftt’     <<<<


–  Rion Kati

Transformational Producer, Se.x Alchemist, Star Performance Coach

(It can be pronounced in several ways which is also part of it’s beauty)

(A friend suggested ‘Roxy Fre.e Love’ but, that wasn’t quite cuttin’ it!)

p.s. With that said, thanks for taking the time to read this..I hope you’ll continue with
on the journey.  Look for more updates and content and ENJOY this holiday season!

p.p.s. on another note, yes it’s a BOLD thing to do to change your name to reflect your
self-identity more accurately (rappers have been doing it for a long time) so if you’re
ever considering it (movie stars have done it), take it very seriously and make sure
it’s really aligned to who you are and where you’re going.

“To thine own self be true”