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The Concept of Self-Awakening & Spiritual Growth

What is the concept of self-awakening?

It’s where you take your own accountability for your personal and spiritual growth and development to really experience more of the truth of enlightenment and reality – being closer to it.  We value it on the heart, mind, body, sex and soul levels of human experience (not only in favor of soul).

Essentially self-awakening is taking responsibility for pro-actively removing the mud of programming and conditioning that surrounds the shining truth of who you are spiritually and you enter higher states of consciousness as you evolve into that experience.


It also means actively working to raise your consciousness (although some will argue that you can’t ‘work’ towards it, it means that you VALUE removing the limitations and also accepting a greater truth and subjective conscious experience).  If you live in the condition of the ego habitually, you may have to condition yourself out of it into higher consciousness.

I created a community called Self-Awakening and it was my evolution from the dating business into transformation.  We are/were basically a fusion of East and West centered around the methodology I discovered leveraging the Law of Resonance with media to ‘awaken’ ourselves to higher frequencies via association.  It was open for others to discover all kinds of different techniques in transformation, East and West, personal growth and spirituality.


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