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Higher Experience: Oneness Questions That May Threaten or Evolve Your Reality

[WARNING: This post features unpopular, out there and possibly taboo questions that may cause a threat to your foundation of reality and comfort zone…esp. if you’re into spirituality…then again like I’ve discovered, it might also help you to start realizing where some disconnects have occurred and may inspire you]

I am interested in a higher human experience. My perspective is a valuation of Oneness itself.

(It’s interesting to note that subjectivity and personal experience could be said is as consciousness itself).

What is the future marketability of ‘feeling good’?

We already know that drugs, diversions, entertainment and ‘sex’ SELLS in many ways but largely as a NON-CONSCIOUS function. Many marketers play the game to trigger people into unconscious feelings. This cycle is rampant.

What could happen when we become CONSCIOUS in heart and sex power to feel good and raise our experience?

When we look at it; some may refer to higher human experience as ‘spirituality’ yet the word ‪#‎spirituality‬ may trigger most people and instantly disconnect them b/c it remains something they might project as ‘new agey’, mystically unknown or ‘out there’.

Yet somehow the underlying human desire is to FEEL GOOD and to get away from pain. (And this is relevant to almost all marketing and sales). Hmmm….

What if perhaps instead; we valued, called and translated ‘spirituality’ as ‘higher human/subjective experience’?

What if ‘feeling good’ was a CONSCIOUS higher personal experience free from manipulation, coercion and agenda?

And what if we consciously included Heart and Sex as part of this higher experience instead of diverting from it (while still valuing being triggered into experiences of it)?

What happens when humanity truly becomes Heart and Sex conscious and connected?


How could conscious ‘higher experience’ as spirituality cross-over into different markets and influence people instead if it could bypass their triggers?

What if spirituality no longer was a ‘demographic’ but integrated into mainstream experience?

People want to feel good. Don’t they really WANT higher human experience (including sex, happiness, freedom and bliss)?

What if we became truly conscious in these areas from a valuation of oneness and subjectivity itself?…total acceptance.

*The inherent danger with this is some (possibly marketers) may corrupt true higher conscious experience and freedom while diluting the value of what already is known as spirituality; but the test can be the actual experience itself, not the promise of it.

So, (yes it’s ‘spiritual’ per se) but I am ESPECIALLY interested in ‘higher human experience’ with entertainment media.

How could the consumer of tomorrow experience media? (And I don’t mean on the future versions of iPhones)….how will they FEEL media..what is their relationship to it?

What level of experience is possible beyond their current understanding o reality? (This is what I’ve been exploring deeply the past decade).

How conscious is a mass populous truly that remains unaware and avoidant of the power of their Heart and Sex (the 2 PRIME motivators in marketing; emotional and sex)?

What is possible when one starts valuing a conscious, heart-awakening relationship and dynamic instead of any other kind of relationship?

What if they could take their power back simply by reframing their relationship to their oppressors and realize they are equal to such power?

How could their Heart experience lead them into enlightenment instead of living mostly as being triggered by others (including their favorite artists) into higher emotional escape states?

What if we inherently had the power of the Stars we idolize simply by changing our relationship to them if all power, beauty and expression is coming from Source consciousness?

Music, performance, film and all of ‘The Arts’ already holds such a timeless stronghold of awakening reality and potential yet has somehow been largely disconnected from ‘spirituality’ and most of human experience that would connect it with Eastern zen wisdom.

These are some of the greatest gaps that I see exist that are preventing a higher human experience; Heart (human emotion), Sex & Spirituality….Entertainment and spirituality (higher conscious human experience).

There IS a lot of entertainment (music..) that IS at a higher experience and that is thusly WHY it is so damn popular. But then again…how conscious are we? What level of subjective experience is possible?

Entertainment media (music, video, film, dance, arts..) holds such a stronghold of power and potential for that awakening; for us to realize that we are One with the stars, divas and sex symbols in a higher human experience.

Consumers evolving their Heart and Sex consciousness and redefining their relationship with media could single-handedly shift world evolution as the greatest catalyst b/c it is already so popular and integrated into their lives.

How we use media is largely an area we’re non-conscious in but think we are empowered.

What if we could value Heart, Sex, Mind, Body and Soul as equals in Oneness from human subjectivity?


If ‘all’ is coming from Source, why such disconnection? …or is it time to re-evaluate our relationship to everything in our world ESP. the areas we’re non-conscious in (but may be fooled into thinking we’re conscious in…ie. t.v. and advertising).

Let’s value spirituality (while remaining non-conscious to our emotional and sexual relationships and higher subjectivity??? What sense does this make?)

Let’s do yoga and meditate (which is great but) WHILE remaining non-conscious in our personal entertainment choices and relationships b/c we secretly don’t want to face our Heart and Sex power and conscious higher experience?!?

Oh…let’s just put the entire sub-cultures in a panty twist (or grundy) on that one.

With that said; everyone loves music…but how conscious are we if we don’t value heart and sex awakening as much as spiritual or body awakening?

If the greater truth of oneness IS what it is, how could it not embrace all of human sexuality and emotion (let alone the higher conscious human experience of it)?

How could we be conscious in one area yet continue to deny, oppress or remain unaware in other areas (again reference ….SEX).

I’m not saying that humanity is not emotional; we ARE emotional but what is the quality and dynamic of our relationships sexually and emotionally? Are they TRULY empowering and liberating? Or are they possibly oppressive, conditioning and conditional b/c we are non-conscious to the dynamic or at extremes manipulative, abusive, etc.)?

How is it even possible that ‘spirituality’, yoga, or meditation could be ‘compartmentalized’ into our modern daily lives?

What really is ‘conscious living’ if we’re non-conscious in even SOME of our actual relationships (including our relationship with all social programming, beauty and social power)?

How could we not truly embrace ‘all’ of human experience instead of valuing a transcendance or denial of it?

Higher human experience DOES happen on a larger scale b/c EVERYONE loves ‪#‎music‬. and it’s ability to raise their subjectivity; yet HOW conscious is the relationship with the music?

And if Heart (emotionality) isn’t valued as part of human experience from spirituality, what IS spirituality?

What if there could be a higher spiritual experience mixed with enlightened emotion? There is… so what if we also valued human Heart and Sex as higher human experience (without the filtration of the ego) as well?

How could that change human experience? What if we became more conscious in the areas of Heart and Sex instead of largely valuing non-aware experience in it?

What if we were conscious of that instead of filtering Soul through a Zen approach while somehow having a ‘separate’ experience of non-conscious heart and sex awakening mostly leaving it up to social programmers to influence into a state of escape?

What if general human entertainment experience dynamic could evolve from program-receiver, stimulus-response conditioning or unlimited choice-yet-still-with-consumer-ego-values into something else?

What if entertainment could be transformational simply by changing how we related to it and what our values were? What if the same resource we personally valued as a non-conscious emotional escape could be 1000x more powerful by becoming more conscious of our relationship with it?

What if we became more conscious of Heart and Sex instead of allowing other sources to control, manipulate or unconsciously influence our experience into dis-empowerment instead of awakening?

What is possible when entertainment itself is qualified and valued for a conscious heart, mind, sex and soul level experience instead of merely for a non-conscious escape amongst the valuation of ego and social expectations and conditioning?

….some questions I ask myself and others…if everything is coming from Source consciousness, isn’t it time to re-evaluate ALL of our relationships?

If there is any program-receiver, stimulus-response, non-conscious power and influence relationship in your life (including with entertainment media and social programming), could not that be holding back the greater truth of your Oneness with Source and your own power?…your own higher experience?

DOES oneness include and embrace all of human experience? Then what is your RELATIONSHIP to ALL power and influence?

And perhaps the greater question may be; if everything is Oneness and you are inherently One with Source, where and what relationships in your life are limiting you from that greater experience and truth?

…and where do you still want to remain ignorant (non-conscious) in? …this may require looking at where Mind, Body and Soul also disconnects from conscious Heart and Sex in your subjective experience..your deeper values.

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