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Stars of Tomorrow – Who Will Lead The Evolution of Performance Entertainment?

Who is going to lead the new evolution of performance entertainment? Who is going to help awaken the world with the future of media? And why is transformational entertainment coming?



Fortunately we can see a very real glimpse of the future of entertainment today when we get into transformational entertainment and media experience with sexual alchemy. This is what I’m very experienced at and am passionate about sharing. We already have powerful divas in today’s international media outside of the West who are examples of the future of what performance entertainment will start to look like.


Beyond production value and new choreography and fashion, it’s the levels of consciousness that a performer resonates at in Heart, Mind, Sexiness & Soul as a channel through their body and expression to influence their audience, viewer and fans. The more, the more influence.

When we start using media for alchemy and sex transmutation instead of just personal experience, everything changes.

Girls Day transformational level performance sexual energy

Girls Day transformational level performance sexual energy

Check back on this website for energy profiles and insight into today’s transformational artists and performers like Girls’ Generation, Palmy and other stars from around the world giving us a glimpse into entertainment tomorrow.

As more Western performers and musicians start getting into sexual alchemy themselves, they will start catching up to the infectious energy and mass appeal that is happening ie. in K-Pop…but it’s far more than that because as an artist you will have greater sexual and emotional influence, attraction and devotion from your fans once you start working with sex energy and exuding even more star power.

Once you start doing sexual transmutation with media, you’ll be pleasantly addicted!  We have our own sex energy and transformational media group on Facebook which you are welcome to join.


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