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Middle-Aged Men & Declining Sexual Drive & Function

If you’re a middle-aged man with declining sexual power, function or abilities what are some REAL alternatives you can look into (besides expensive pharmaceuticals for a quick kick)? Loss of sexual function is normal with age and you may even lose sensations in your sexual organs.

(I mean fortunately there ARE back-up things like Viagra that are out there at least for extreme scenarios and quick fixes with impotence, erectile dysfunction and low testosterone).  But it’s the bigger picture of your male sexual health that you want to be concerned about especially if you want to live longer.


Are there some more natural or energetic sexual health options for you at your age as a man to have more sex energy, drive, health, vitality and sexual function and performance without having to be sold on another pill by big advertising?  Yes, there are and it requires a very different mindset than we are used to in the West.  The way of the Tao goes back 1000s of years and they are still far ahead of us in many ways.

Western medicine is more about treatment and much of Eastern medicine and wisdom is more about prevention and holistic health.  How you are LIVING may not be very in tune with a healthy sexuality.  Watch this video to find out more.


After mixing East and West for quite a while, apart from regular sex (where I have a valuation of mastering internal preservation and orgasm not only solo), I have fully switched over to an Eastern and Tao approach for several reasons.  At my age (38) it’s recommended to only ejaculate about 2x per month.  There is a chart I may post later on this site.

There are many benefits to conserving (and alchemizing) your sexual energy.  When you conserve your own sex energy internally, you have more ‘power’ to work with when you get into sexual alchemy (not to mention for sexual attraction, chemistry, performance power and connection).

My own permanent ‘crossover’ away from traditional masturbation and ejaculation was effectively inspired by a Mantak Chia workshop which I will delve into another time.  When I first heard of it in the movie ‘Go’, I thought they were joking but it’s very real.  You can learn to have internal orgasms instead of external…if you can’t WAIT, then just have an internal one..we’ll talk about this more.

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