Money & Transformation

Money & Transformation

If you value BOTH money AND transformation this will be an important read.

This is geared towards people who have been conflicted about money and investing and less towards those who have abundant resources or are already making the clear decisions that they WANT to be making (although it may help clarify their values to evolve even faster).

If you HAVE financial resources to invest in yourself (in things you desire or know you really want) but find yourself holding back; this is also for you.

If you find yourself NOT always doing what you want (b/c of money);

Let’s dig in to this seriously b/c it’s been an issue for a lot of men; money and transformation.

I’ve invested over $20k in 1 master mentor just to learn these lessons.

The implications are profound as to how FAST you can actually and truly
transform, so let’s get more clarity…

So let me shockingly start by saying;

You know what?  I can’t buy it anymore.

What am I talking about?

(Your) excuses, story & justifications about money when an opportunity comes
up that you KNOW is the right thing for you (and you end up NOT taking it).

(This is a major empowering lesson for our lives across the board so I
encourage you to get to the meat of this – whether it’s ever in working
with me or not…this is about empowering your transformation FASTER and
for your own benefit)

‘Why’ can’t I buy the (lack of) money excuses anymore?

Because I am living TESTAMENT of the opposite;

Even when I’ve been where you are in the same decision points.

When I also don’t have the money (foreseeable for ie. payment plans),
I’m actually still investing.

2 nights ago I had less than $4 available on between 2 remaining cards,
$2 cash after buying Ramen and a 1/2 gallon of milk but I committed to
a new $3500 opportunity.

I can’t hold you to a standard that I’m not holding myself to, but if
you’ve invested when it’s really stretching you, I honor and respect that.

I simply have clear values of transformation and evolution for myself
that guide my own decisions.  I am empowered in my own transformation
b/c I’m not letting money stories stop me from transformation and what’s
right for my path, growth and evolution.

And that’s how I KNOW (that when it comes up) – your money excuses are
ultimately just B.S. that are doing nothing but holding YOU back from
(the transformation and) what you really want.

All kinds of people don’t really have the money for it, but they still
find a way to have an iPhone.  Why?  B/c they want it bad enough so it
over-rides the money excuse.

So; what if money was actually just an opportunity to get clearer on
your real values and to FACILITATE major transformation?

Just 2 nights ago I committed and signed up for Master Zhou’s $3500 China
trip in October (the 1 they delayed a year).

I intuitively asked myself the question;

“Will this get me closer to more fully living my path and purpose?”

And the answer is a clear YES.  So I made the commitment and put money
where my mouth is.

I don’t really have the money either but I’m DOING IT..after the ramen
run, in the morning I had a payment that came in and I had enough to cover
for the non-refundable deposit which logically SHOULD be going towards
rent due in a few days.

I still have no idea how I’m going to pay this month’s rent (but I also
know that it must and will be paid).

For China, I have NO idea how I’m going to pay for it or even for my Rome
Italy expenses this month on top of it all.

But I am LIVING on this kind of faith and courage b/c I’m doing what I
really WANT to do and what’s right for my path.  It’s because my values
are clear and I am making decisions from those values.

I’m not letting money hold my evolution and life back b/c growth and
purpose is a primary value for me.

Does this make you squirm?

How uncomfortable does this make you?  How crazy does it seem?

B/c maybe, it may reflect where your level of sacrifice and commitment
is to your own transformation.  What price are you willing to pay for
what you really want?

(When opportunities arise that you know you WANT to take but then the
money story comes up);

When are you going to STOP letting your value of comfort and security
over your growth and DESIRES control you?

Money will seem to ALWAYS be an issue…holding ONTO it and being
conservative is what keeps you comfortable (and not evolving).

So where does it fit with you and your own evolution and transformation?
How about years down the road from now?

Your evolution requires change from where you are.  Money is a medium
to facilitate that exchange and evolution.

And this can be in any area that you desire a new result.

I am a living proof of investing in myself and my dharma even when money
seems to be an issue for me too.

I’m not making those excuses, I’m making happen what I WANT to happen.

When I’m in a predicament and still deciding in favor of what I really
want and hiring a new master/coach or experience it says I’m SACRIFICING
comfort and security which are ESSENTIAL for real transformation.

Money represents security and comfort so by TRADING IT for transformation;
you’re actually dealing with the integral evolution process itself.

Money and transformation are profoundly hand-in-hand in this day and age
b/c you could otherwise be holding on to the security of where you are at
by NOT investing.

I’m not penny-pinching my own evolution and success.  I’ve hired the

You can also refer to ‘struggling artists’ who still find a way to invest
in coaching and classes b/c they value it.

I couldn’t ask you to do something like that if I wasn’t in integrity
to it myself.

Comfort and security are THREATS to your actual evolution and experiencing
what you really want.  Making money decisions based on that prevents your
evolution b/c you stay in security (and at the same level of reality).

Often people will try to ‘figure it out themselves’ while holding on to
money instead of just immersing with a master which will be a much
quicker path…but they’re still paying a big price anyway which is
their time!

So when opportunities come up; it’s either more growth or more staying
the same.  B/c if you really wanted to, you could KEEP growing non-stop
and take the fastest path to success and evolution.

So when is staying in the same place finally unbearable to you?

Isn’t time to just MAKE HAPPEN what you really want?  How about living
that way?

What ARE you willing to sacrifice?  B/c it’s even more of a sacrifice
and readiness for transformation when it’s near and dear to you and
when you’re just holding on.

Even though it would scare the crap out of security conscious people!

When you know something is what you want and you still find a way to say
no; it’s really a value conflict; between change and staying the same (comfort).

It shows you what you really value and gives you room to reflect and
be more accountable or not.

I have continually invested in myself when I didn’t actually have the
money or know how I would make the payments but I didn’t let that STOP
me.  I invested in myself and lived on faith anyway (and it would greatly
stump my evolution if I didn’t).

Why?  Because the VALUE of my soul path and evolution is FAR more important
to me than comfort and security…even if it’s gotten me into debt.


Comfort and security are MAJOR values that can block your transformation.

And the more you ‘sacrifice’ comfort for growth = bigger growth and change.

You have to ‘let go’ and sacrifice to open up to an entirely new level of
reality…holding on or being stingy isn’t going to get you change.

Remember you’re paying a price of time by trying to figure it out from
your own level of consciousness anyway.

My soul purpose requires sacrifice and I am continually living proof of
it.  I’m making things happen when there logically aren’t ways.

My path is requiring me to go through harder core decisions b/c it’s
battle-testing me and building my character.

I’ve made payments to a business coach when my bank account took overdraft
hits.  Heck;

I set a guinness world record on overdraft fees (scArY stuff) but I will
NOT compromise on living my path and purpose.

If that scares you, take a look at how dedicated you are to your own success/

How UNcomfortable are you willing to get?  B/c evolution may not actually
be your primary value and its slowing down your own freedom, presence and
greater human experience.

Investing in myself is the smartest thing I can do for instant payoff and
financially from a long-term and growth perspective and I’m not letting
money control me.

When the opportunity for experiencing the ashram with a tantra master
came up last year; I already HAD a paid plane ticket back elsewhere
and it would change those plans, but I still made the investment and

I am not the model of cozy security; I am a model of living on purpose
and evolution even when I don’t know how I myself am going to cover rent.

I’m not at all yet Mr. Money and I know what it’s like to struggle.

So reference this as you will and apply to your life…this is key stuff
for transformation (also b/c I’ve become a true master of transformation).

One of the fastest ways to TRANSFORM is to INVEST in something relevant
and BIG for your own aligned evolution…yeah, with real money.

So don’t just think that I’m a millionaire or anything (yet!) just b/c I
kinda dress nice; I’m just as deep into expenses and debt as you can
imagine but I’m investing in the Now and for the future.

Money is still technically an issue for me too yet I always find a way
to cover things but I’m not letting life pass me by.

If this all scares you for yourself – you have to ask yourself what is
really most important?

This is the TRANSFORMATION business we’re talking about; YOUR transformation.
I am a living hardcore model proof of it.  Money buys me speed and faster
evolution (esp. working with other masters).

So where DOES money/comfort fit in and where are you allowing it to hold
you back?

I’m not compromising for money excuses or stories in MY path, why should

(And this is for you and any opportunity outside of working with me too).

And face this question seriously as to your own evolution and living your
dreams b/c there can ALWAYS be a reason not to change and money is a most
convenient one…an excuse, a justification, a story but’s a
value conflict.

You may DESIRE GROWTH and like the idea of it; and yet you continually
find yourself not making the best decisions FOR your growth.

It’s an opportunity to really get clear on your own values b/c this pattern
may have been going on for years.  Maybe sometimes you’ve made the decision
anyways but you could be doing it more often.

Once you’re clear on your values ie; growth, desires, evolution then it
becomes easier to make decisions that support those values.

I had 1 client in Greece who made payments over 16 months or something
like that just so he could get coaching with me; a student who could spend
$50/mo. but he made it happen (although I don’t do pay plans like that
anymore and it set him YEARS ahead).

So do you really value your desires and transformation?  Then I’d start
making decisions based on those values as more important than staying the
same/comfort/security/not spending.

There will always by default be an excuse not to change but it’s really an
illusion b/c ALL resources are available and start opening up to you when
you shift your focus.

There are WAYS to attract and find the money once you have your values
clear and make decisions in alignment with what you really want.

I am about and for hardcore evolution and transformation and that’s who
I really serve.

Now, by reading this part of you may hate me b/c now you have to be honest
with yourself (like I’ve had to be) about when you are cheating yourself
out of what you really want b/c of your money story, etc.


Your evolution is going to require sacrifice of something valuable.

Sacrificing the security of where you are at now is what opens up the next
levels of reality.

If you keep letting money control your life and dictating what you can and
can’t do based on where you are right now (instead of where you’re headed);

If you keep allowing money and your current situation control you instead
of doing what you know is right for you and your evolution, who is really
in control (and how could you really transform)?

So money and transformation ARE very intertwined.  Money represents that
security and comfort and ‘holding on’ can prevent your direct evolution.

Money exchange is a catalyst for transformation.

Something big to think about with profound implications.  Again; I’ve spent
over $20,000 with 1 master coach to learn these kinds of lessons.

So when I hear money excuses from men I now just roll my eyes and understand
that they actually AREN’T taking their very own transformation serious
enough b/c the reality is I am continually investing in myself anyways even
though and when I’m in the same boat (and debt hole).

And I KNOW that they can do it if they really chose to; if they really
actually valued having that new level of reality with more freedom, sexiness,
worthiness, embodiment, attraction and awesomeness.

I can’t judge either way; but I can uphold you to a higher standard for

Where might all of this apply to you and your life? (Of not going after
something you really want).

It may require more entrepreneurial type thinking over security-based

And I’ve seen this with other men in the past; they FIND a way when a
way wasn’t possible – when they really wanted it bad enough THEY made
it happen.  More proof that your money excuses are just B.S.

Money is just a tool and resource…one that helps you get more CLEAR on
your actual values.  Investing and sacrificing is all PART of the

So when is comfort, safety and security ruling your life and holding you

B/c we’re in the evolution business.

So I ask again for situations where you compromise on what you want; who
is really running your life?  The programmed and conditioned values of
security that may have come from your education or parents?

When you make decisions based on where you’re going instead of where
you’re at; the big LEAP is actually PART of your transformation and
up-leveling.  Investing greatly in yourself is part of the transition;
ESP. when it appears you don’t have the money.

It proves it’s something of great value to you and just by investing
and making things happen when there WASN’T a way is VERY empowering and
shows who is in control of your life and path.

You become exceptional and you step above others who are living ruled
by comfort and security instead of evolution.

At our workshops we attract real evolutionaries.

“We are amongst greatness here” – R.P. Austin, TX

Future masters and tomorrow’s leaders are always investing in themselves.

“But how do I get the real money Rion?”  The real answer is the why; when
the why is big enough you will find a way.  Loans, borrowing, credit cards,
services, etc. etc. There are all kinds of reasons, resources and ways as
to where to get the money from that will open up when you make the decision.

We even have an exercise on attracting resources.

The point is what is your real value and where are you making decisions
from?  I have always made payments to these promises myself (with 1 exception
and even with that I have an ‘ok’ from them on a delay).

Leaders are not making excuses.  And they are definitely not staying the
same.  Many have gone in debt to get the training and coaching they desired.

All of this matters also b/c the RETURNS you get on your transformation
are often NOT monetary.  So it’s important to know that you really do
value the benefits of more sexual presence, connection, alignment and
so forth b/c it may not appear on a financial ledger.

When you value transformation and the intrinsic growth and freedom,
it’s easier to make those decisions and to be tougher on yourself
when you’re compromising.

“Yeah but SPX is $4500 and I’m on a low income”.  Great..if you really
want it, you’ll do it anyway and it just shows yourself how much you
really value success in that area of life (for example).  We can work
out a payment plan.

Committing to YOUR evolution on faith when you DON’T know where the
money will be is actually pretty badass.

The rewards will pay off dividends in spiritual, sexual and emotional
currency.  So it’s really about your values.

Remember, this is about transformation and evolution NOT about financial
retirement funding.

So do you REALLY value your own evolution and a greater human experience?

Then it should be clearer who, what, when and where to make decisions
that will really advance you.  B/c generally the more you can invest,
the faster you’ll be able to transform (by working with the best).

How much are you really sacrificing?  B/c if you are not making decisions
based on your evolution and growth; decisions that you KNOW are right
for you, how long have you been holding yourself back and when would
this pattern change?

So really; money is just a value conflict of something else b/c the greater
truth is that you can FIND the money for something you need or want bad

How much do you value your evolution?

If your tires were flat and you HAD to get somewhere you would find a
way to handle it.

David Neagle uses the analogy of; if someone was pointing a gun to the
head of someone you loved and said you have 24 hours to come up with $25,000
would you find the money?

If you said yes, that PROVES that it’s not a money issue…it’s actually an
urgency issue.

When you want something bad enough, you will FIND a way.  And it’s even
more empowering for you to make things happen when there ISN’T a way.

So am I saying it’s ok to invest in me when you don’t know where the
rest of the money will come from?  Absolutely.  I’m living proof of
doing it for myself but done in the understanding that those payments
will be made.

When you make the decision you will then find the resources.

Now I see through it all…I see the compromises.  I see the deeper values
men allow to run their lives that KEEP holding them back from direct
and fast evolution.

And investing MORE in themselves actually leads to even FASTER evolution;
it’s the same thing at a scaled level.

I know when men talk to me and when they end up selling themselves short
on what they really want b/c of their deeper value of security; they
settle back into comfort and their story yet ultimately stay where they
are even if it’s in the middle of pain and suffering b/c they aren’t
willing to actually do what it takes to change big.

I’m living proof of going after what I want (often when I DON’T have the
money upfront to pay it off).

Again; we’re in the evolution and transformational business gentleman.

When are you going to stop delaying your evolution when opportunities to
advance arise?

So, I just can’t accept the money stories anymore – not when I’m continual
living proof of the opposite (and that which has yielded GREAT advancement
b/c of it).

This is for when I KNOW someone wants it but then justifies NOT doing it.

I’ve been living a higher standard for myself so I’m now holding you to a
higher level self-accountability for yourself too.

So now; all I’m asking is for you to be FULLY honest and transparent with
yourself when the opportunity for Rome, Italy or our L.A. workshop comes

I can’t make the decisions for you.

Will attending the laser intensive + Immersion Party in either Rome or L.A.
get me closer to more fully living my dreams, goals and desires?

These workshops aren’t for everyone but for those who intuitively know it’s a fit.

If the answer is yes, then signing up would be the thing to do.

Signing up RIGHT now would be a VERY bold thing to do that would reaffirm
your true values.

If the answer is ‘yes, BUT’ (here comes the story/excuse/justification)…
then ask yourself; who is really in control of my desires; money or me?

And when am I really going to take control over what I want?

We just have to have a deposit now.

If the answer is ‘yes, but I don’t see the money or how I’ll pay the rest’
(but know that it must be paid in full by start date), you can still get
the deposit in and come up with the rest exercising your faith.

Here’s the link for the Rome/L.A. or contact me directly.

And if the answer is intuitively ‘No’ then that’s great’s just in being true to your values.

It’s about empowering yourself and your decisions either way.

Either way, apply this with ANY opportunity (with me or not) that may
get you closer to what you really want…it’s just about making decisions
that are in alignment with where you really want to go and not making

That’s the fastest path to success but the value conflict with money can
really slow you/us down.


p.s. so if you already have ample financial resources, then it should be even simpler to decide what you really want to do based on your values and to possibly invest even DEEPER with someone (whether me or not) to evolve even faster


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